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Nicola Cagol looking through the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Curio binocularsNicola Cagol looking through the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Curio binocularsNicola Cagol looking through the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Curio binoculars

On the Faroe Islands with CL Curio binoculars

Discovering Nordic wildlife

Reading time: 4 min.

Small enough to hardly be marked on maps, the Faroe Islands are an archipelago of 18 islands in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean. A paradise for nature lovers that conceals rocky cliffs overlooking the sea, picturesque fishing villages, and green peaks offering a breathtaking view of the fjords below.

Nicola Cagol standing on the cliff with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Curio binoculars

Bad weather?

There is a lot to explore along the islands coasts

At the beginning of June, I headed to the Faroe Islands with two other friends, Chiara and Enrico, all sharing a passion for photography and the wilderness. The main goal of our expedition was to take photos and videos for the local tourism board, visit some of the island's most famous locations, and discover some hidden gems.

We had scheduled numerous hikes on different islands, but the weather wasn't kind to us. Thick fog and frequent showers forced us to adjust our programs: we couldn't head into the islands' interior due to poor visibility and focused on exploring the coasts. Eventually, this change of plans didn't turn out to be so bad!

!!!Nicola Cagol x Swarovski Optik CL Curio - man puts the CL Curio into case
!!!Nicola Cagol x Swarovski Optik - Seagull
My CL Curio binoculars were always ready for action

The Faroe Islands offer stunning landscapes and the chance to observe countless colonies of seabirds, like Seagulls and Puffins, nesting on the cliffs. Along with cameras, tripods and filters, I carried the CL Curio binoculars to observe the local fauna closely. The CL Curio is one of the most miniature binoculars produced by Swarovski Optik and offers a 7x magnification. Despite weighing only 250 g, it is a very sturdy product, made with first-class materials and a minimalist but elegant design.

Photography: Chiara Giordano, Enrico Baroni

Unlike bulky optics, it's easy to forget I have these binoculars around my neck, so they are always ready for action! This little guy is also packed with smart and functional details like the eyepiece cover and a practical field bag, so convenient when the weather conditions turn bad (spoiler alert, it rained for the whole trip…). The binoculars supported me in scanning the scene and looking for the best frame before moving my eyes into the viewfinder of my camera. Incredibly small and extremely lightweight, the CL Curio is the ideal companion to take with me on any outdoor adventure!

Nicola Cagol x Swarovski Optik - woman and man holding onto the CL Curio binoculars
Two puffins by Nicola Cagol

Observing Puffins and Seagulls up close

We visited two of the archipelago’s main islands, Streymoy and Vagar, and the more southern and hidden island of Suðuroy. Among the locations that most struck me are the Múlafossur waterfall that drops directly into the ocean (on the island of Vagar) and the massive Eggjarnar cliff (on the island of Suðuroy).

Sea cliffs with waterfall Nicola Cagol holding the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Curio binoculars ready to take a closer look at the two seagulls in the background
Seagull in flight by Nicola CagolTwo seagulls by Nicola Cagol

Both places are perfect for catching the Seagulls circling and witnessing some moments of intimacy in their nests. While we were in Múlafossur, we were joined by a Puffins group! It was my first time seeing these birds, and I was amazed by their comic looks and how they socialize with each other! Thanks to the CL Curio, I could investigate the behavior of these birds, and my friends were also happy to take a free moment from photography to contemplate the wonder of living nature.

I’d spend hours staring at the flying Seagulls and the funny moves of the Puffins through the CL Curio, which is always ready to face the next adventure - from remote Atlantic islands to the mountains in my backyard!

Portrait Nicola Cagol with SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Curio binoculars in his hands


Nicola Cagol

Nicola is a video maker and photographer by profession, adventurer by passion. Or maybe vice versa. Born in the heart of the Dolomites, since childhood his father shared with him his love for mountains and wildlife. After spending most of his adult life working as a scientist, Nicola decided to turn his passion for the outdoors and photography into a fulltime job. Riding a bike or with a backpack on his shoulders, he's always looking for new places to explore and stories to tell.

Thanks to Nicola, Chiara and Enrico for providing the pictures.
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