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K19 ATX 115 perspektivisch HRes RGB - lens cropped

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Making the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird IDMaking the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird IDMaking the most of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG and Merlin Bird ID

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The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App enables you to connect your mobile device with your AX Visio. With this application you can customize settings, manage your images and videos, get further information on your discoveries, and get the latest firmware updates.

Key Features:

Setting Management: Connect to your SWAROVSKI OPTIK device and take control of your outdoor experience. Manage settings with ease, ensuring your device is perfectly tailored to your preferences.

Media Hub: Capture the magic of the outdoors with your SWAROVSKI OPTIK device. Download photos and videos directly to your phone and relive those unforgettable moments. Manage your media library with the ability to delete or share your favorite captures.

Animal Identification: Enhance your wildlife encounters with in-depth information about your identified animals.

Live View Experience: Share your discoveries live with others. In the Live View, you share your experiences from your SWAROVSKI OPTIK device with others, offering a real-time perspective of your surroundings.

Firmware Updates: Stay ahead with the latest technology. Effortlessly update your SWAROVSKI OPTIK device to access new features and enhancements, ensuring you're always equipped for the next adventure.

The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Outdoor App is available for Android and iOS.

Download for iOS

Download for Android

K21 Wildlife-ID App 02 RGB DE NEW

Swarovski Optik

Wildlife ID App

With the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Wildlife ID App, you can easily identify 300 species of mammals as well as more than 200 species of butterflies and 60 species of dragonflies from all over Europe with your AX Visio and dG.
Capture your experiences as photos or share your discoveries via livestream.

Key features:

  • Automatic identification through image recognition

  • Share observations via livestream

  • Description and taxonomic classification of the different mammals, butterflies, and dragonflies

  • Manage photos and observations in My Sightings

Download for iOS

Download for Android

AX Visio Screens Dreier Merlin

Partnership with Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Merlin Bird ID

In their long-lasting partnership, SWAROVSKI OPTIK and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology have joined forces to elevate the birdwatching experience through the integration of the Merlin Bird ID algorithm into the AX Visio. This collaboration combines SWAROVSKI OPTIK's renowned precision optics with the Lab's advanced bird identification technology, providing users with real-time bird identification information directly through the binoculars' field of view. The AX Visio offers a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing birdwatchers to focus on the beauty of the birds without the need for additional devices.

With the accompanying Merlin Bird ID mobile app, you can download images captured by the AX Visio, enabling a comprehensive review, and sharing of your bird sightings. The app also empowers you to reclassify and refine identification results manually. Additionally, the app provides a wealth of supplementary information about the identified bird, offering a deeper understanding of its behavior, habitat, and conservation status.