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18 lipca 2019Partnership

&Beyond and SWAROVSKI OPTIK announce strategic partnership

In a coming together of like-minded companies, conservation-led travel brand andBeyond has partnered with high-quality optics manufacturer Swarovski Optik to create unique experiences for guests at andBeyond’s lodges and camps.

From June 2019, andBeyond will offer all guests staying at any of their 25 safari lodges in Africa the use of a pair of Swarovski Optik CL Companion 8x30 binoculars for the duration of their safari. The binoculars will be available in guest suites or on game drive vehicles for exclusive and complimentary use throughout guests’ stay. Access to the binoculars will enhance the game drive experience, ensuring that guests can view birds and animals – big and small – at any distance with ease and unrivalled clarity. Each of andBeyond’s renowned safari guides has also received a pair, ensuring that the company’s world-class guiding remains at the top of its game.

“Swarovski Optik was a natural choice for andBeyond, not only thanks to the exceptional quality of their products but also due to the values that the company is built on, which align closely with our own,” explains Joss Kent, andBeyond CEO. “andBeyond’s vision of leaving the world a better place ties impeccably into Swarovski Optik’s mission.”

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is pursuing a clear goal: “We want to inspire as many people as possible to love and care for nature and invite everyone to experience the preciousness of the moment. We’re proud to partner with andBeyond, who share our passion to protect the environment and preserve biodiversity,” explains Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, Chairwoman of the Executive Board of SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

Both companies are passionate advocates of conservation and are driven to inspire the love of nature in others. andBeyond is known for its ethos of Care of the Land, Care of the Wildlife, Care of the People, through which it strives to leave the world a better place. A company with heart and soul, Swarovski Optik believes in seeing and preserving precious moments, inspiring people to let themselves be touched by the beauty of nature. Both companies share a dedication to the utmost quality and are driven by people at the heart of the brand.

“Through equipping andBeyond’s lodges, which are situated in some of Africa’s best known wildlife reserves, with Swarovski Optik binoculars, we are able to provide our guests with an experience that brings them even closer to the natural world. In this way, we are constantly creating even more advocates for the preservation of the world’s wild places,” says Kent.

While andBeyond is known for the exceptional quality of their guest experience, Swarovski Optik brings to the table high performance, long-range optics that enable perfect, crisp image clarity at a distance, adding more depth and dimension to game sightings. They are compact and lightweight.

“We feel that the binoculars are the ideal complement to our guides’ wealth of knowledge about wildlife behaviour and the environment. However, this is just the beginning of what we hope to achieve together, leveraging the shared beliefs of our brands,”

concludes Kent.

With Swarovski Optik binoculars now sold in andBeyond Shops at every andBeyond lodge or camp, a portion of the profits is being donated to the Africa Foundation, andBeyond’s community development partner. Swarovski Optik also has further plans to become even more actively involved in andBeyond’s conservation projects. Amongst other joint ventures that are currently being explored is a specialist birding itinerary leveraging Swarovski Optik’s expertise and equipment, and fulfilled by andBeyond.


T +27 11 809 4300 | F +27 11 809 4511

About andBeyond

andBeyond designs personalised high-end tours in 15 countries in Africa, five in Asia and four in South America, offering discerning travellers a rare and exclusive experience of the world as it should be. We own and operate 29 extraordinary lodges and camps in iconic safari, scenic and island destinations in Africa and South America. This enables us to positively impact more than 9 million acres of wildlife land and 3 000 kilometres of coastline.

Established in 1991, andBeyond strives to leave our world a better place than we found it through our care of the land, wildlife and people, and the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences. We have established an intimate relationship with some of the world’s last remaining unspoiled natural places and the communities that surround them. In combination with our highly-skilled guides and rangers, this allows us to deliver extraordinary guest experiences that feel profoundly meaningful.


SWAROVSKI OPTIK, headquartered in Absam, Tyrol, is part of the Swarovski group of companies. Founded in 1949, the Austrian company specializes in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market. The binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, and optronic instruments are products of choice for demanding users. The company’s success is based on its innovative strength, the quality and intrinsic value of its products, and their functional and aesthetic design. The appreciation of nature is an essential part of its company philosophy and is reflected commendably in its environment-friendly production and its long-term commitment to selected nature conservation projects. The turnover in 2018 was 156 million euros (2017: 146 million euros), with an export ratio of 91%. The company has around 960 employees worldwide.

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