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Packaging machine

The perfect gift, perfectly packaged

SWAROVSKI OPTIK the perfect gift sustainable packaging

Unpacking brand-new SWAROVSKI OPTIK binoculars, a spotting scope, or even a rifle scope appeals to lots of senses at once: we often gently stroke the fine, natural-feeling paper of the box. Anticipation then ratchets up as we discover the green-white slip case. We might even quickly lift the box up to estimate the weight.

We know just how exciting it is to unpack a new long-range optical instrument. To make this moment even more special and memorable, packaging is an important focus for us.

Unpacking SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL Pure binoculars

For the Love of Nature

At SWAROVSKI OPTIK, the issue of sustainability is an important theme throughout the entire company. This concern is reflected over the entire value chain: our boxes are made from 100% paper or cardboard that has been purchased in a climate-neutral way since 2015. We use high-quality uncoated paper produced specially for us by Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund from nearby Tegernsee. The short transport distances also save a lot of CO2.

Together with the Tyrolean company Dinkhauser, packaging is developed on the basis of our specifications and design brief and produced according to high standards in terms of functionality, design, and sustainability. For years, our aim has also been to develop product-specific cardboard inserts to replace as far as possible the traditional foam padding usually found inside packaging. We have chosen not to use an additional protective film to simplify recycling. Before packaging goes into mass production, we carry out a further set of detailed quality assurance tests on each packaging sample, and in some cases, we even send these samples on a journey to make sure the packaging can withstand long logistics chains without damage.

Ready for dispatch

Logistics: each product is then prepared individually for its destination in our packaging station. Once again, the emphasis is on conserving resources. Following the approach used in other areas, our packaging machine is based on a continuously developing technology that is tailored precisely to our needs. This machine, which went into operation in 2018, allows us to package our products in specially designed, extremely stable and secure outer cartons. The fact that less filling material is required also reduces packaging waste, saves valuable warehouse space and reduces CO2 in transportation.

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SWAROVSKI OPTIK dispatching machine SWAROVSKI OPTIK sustainable dispatching machine

We wish you great joy unpacking our long-range optical instruments and countless unforgettable moments on your excursions into nature!