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Swarovski Optik A GREAT HUNTING SEASON Patrick Hundorf field in sunriseSwarovski Optik A GREAT HUNTING SEASON Patrick Hundorf field in sunriseSwarovski Optik A GREAT HUNTING SEASON Patrick Hundorf field in sunrise

4 tips for sighting in and more

Ready for the hunting season

Finally, the time has come, and the hunting season is close. Your equipment is already complete, cleaned and ready for use? Then learn here how to sight in your and hunting optics properly. At the end we have four more tips for you on how to prepare for the hunting season.

Sighting in

Shoot at least three shots, preferably five, with the same holdover point without making any changes to the firearm or scope. Depending on the field of application, the type of weapon and your own ideas, the diameter of your shoot group at 100m (109yd) should be below 40mm (1.5in). If you can shoot as tight as 25 mm (1in), that’s even better.

When you have achieved a satisfactory group, you can correct the holdover point by adjusting the height and side. With SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scopes, remember: turn in the direction in which the shot is to be fired! On the height tower H for up - upwards, side tower R for right - to the right.

After letting your rifle cool down, shoot another group of 3 (5) shots. Then take a look at the group’s straying circle as well as its desired position on the target. The most recommended distance (MRD) aims to achieve a high shot of 40mm when shooting at a target 100m away, 1.5in at 100yds in the imperial system.

Depending on the hunting ground, personal requirements or technical equipment such as ballistic turret or distance reticle, the desired zeroed distance can vary.

Swarovski Optik accessories Riflescope Ballistic turret BTF
rifle scope accessoriesBTF ballistic turret flex

Use this target above which, in addition to precise aiming, also allows you to immediately assess the shooting group’s tightness and position. The squares (10mm x 10mm, 0.4in x 0.4in) will help you to adjust your scope in the right direction.

Remember that for the Z6i and Z8i 1 click equals 10mm (0.4in) at a shooting distance of 100m (~110 yd).

You have an X5i or a dS riflescope? Learn how to sight in these two models in the following videos:

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EL Range Man walking through landscape, Patrick Hundorf, Germany


Spend a lot of time in your hunting grounds

Especially shortly before the season opens, you want to spend as much time as possible in your hunting grounds to better anticipate your game’s whereabouts and behavior. Thus, head out and observe as often as you can. Closely inspect your area, watch the wildlife and enjoy the time outdoors.

NL Pure 10x32 Burnt Orange
SWAROVSKI OPTIK VPA 2 variable phone adapter
AMAZING VERSATILITYVPA 2 variable phone adapter


Stay fit

There are several ways to get into the physical shape needed for a fulfilling hunting experience. Find out which exercises will best help you keep your cool under pressure, so you can shoot precisely.

Want some inspiration? In the following article, three hunters share their personal fitness tips with you:

IG Closer Hunting 2022 1080x1080 v01 GIF


Stay informed

Furthermore, we always recommend that you inform yourself about current trends and hot topics in hunting. Be sure to check the latest news in magazines, online forums or on social media channels of other hunters before diving into an amazing new hunting year.

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