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January 14, 2021CL Pocket

Nature in your pocket

“Constantly improving what is good” – this principle has guided SWAROVSKI OPTIK from day one. Since the launch of compact binoculars in 1989, they have become some of the company’s most popular products and evolved into the ideal companions for a wide range of activities. Now SWAROVSKI OPTIK has given the popular CL Pocket a whole new look. The CL Pocket is a folding compact binocular with exceptional optical quality. It offers maximum viewing comfort, even for long periods, and fits perfectly in your hand. From February 15, 2021, this compact yet powerful all-rounder is available from specialist retailers.

The new CL Pocket has so many potential uses – whether you’re undertaking a gentle hike, a tough day in the mountains, or an adventurous journey. These compact binoculars are world leaders in the compact class and the ideal companion for all outdoor enthusiasts. The high-precision optics guarantee that you can observe wildlife in a relaxed manner, without your eyes getting tired, while ensuring that you can still see every last detail. The binoculars have a huge field of view and are 100% suitable for eyeglass wearers. With outstanding edge-to-edge sharpness and high transmission, you are guaranteed high-contrast, sharp, color-true images for unforgettable viewing experiences.

Always to hand

Absolute viewing comfort is guaranteed thanks to its intelligent, ergonomic design and easy-grip protective housing. Weighing in at just 350 g (12.3 oz) and 110 mm (4.3 in) long, the CL Pocket slips easily into a small bag. Its modern design in two colorways, green and anthracite, can be combined with different accessory sets to suit your particular needs.

Made for the outdoors

The rugged design with improved double bridge and sturdy aluminum housing protect the finely adjusted optics, while the inert gas filling stops water and dust from getting in. These design features, combined with proper care, make the CL Pocket an extremely durable and sustainable product.

Protect what you love – crystal-clear optics thanks to regular cleaning

The new CSO cleaning set optics is ideal for gently but thoroughly cleaning all optical lenses and is available as an accessory to the new CL Pocket. The set consists of a lens cleaner, cleaning brush, dust blower, and two microfiber cloths, all packed in a smart bag. The microfiber cloths and the bag itself can be washed at 40° in the washing machine. The glass bottle with lens cleaner can be refilled at selected specialist retailers. Plastics have largely been replaced by alternative materials such as bamboo and glass.

CL Pocket with standard accessories

The CL Pocket is available in 8x25 or 10x25 magnification. It is supplied with a field bag, carrying strap, microfiber cloth, and eyepiece cover.

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