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K19 ATX 115 perspektivisch HRes RGB - lens cropped

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K21 MEX Bike Tour Botanischer Garten Zuerich 46K21 MEX Bike Tour Botanischer Garten Zuerich 46K21 MEX Bike Tour Botanischer Garten Zuerich 46



Since as early as 2013, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has persued direct engagement with end consumers, reaching out through various channels such as our retail store in Wattens, online platforms, trade fairs, Mobile Experience initiatives, and the innovative CAMPEX concept. CAMPEX, derived from "Camp" and "Experience," epitomizes our commitment to glocalization – offering a global brand experience in a local setting. CAMPEX represents more than just a hybrid office, showroom, and consumer store; it's a platform for immersive experiences tailored to our target groups: Hunting, Birding, and Outdoor. Visitors to CAMPEX not only have the opportunity to see and feel our products but also to experience them in the environments they were designed for.

Campex Valley - Casellacce


SWAROVSKI OPTIK's mission is to inspire people to love and care for nature by bringing them closer to the preciousness of the moment. At our Italian site, CAMPEX Le Casellacce, this motto was put into practice in the year 2020. The traditional Agriturismo farmhouse is not only home to a restaurant, but also a SWAROVSKI OPTIK showroom with a lounge area, a store, and much more. Visitors can look forward to activities including amazing tours and outdoor experiences.

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campex stockholm

SWAROVSKI OPTIK Campex Stockholm

With the launch of CAMPEX Stockholm, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has created a completely new way of interacting with its consumers, offering a global brand experience in a local setting and a unique way for visitors to explore SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s solid portfolio of high-quality sport optics. CAMPEX Stockholm is situated in the beautiful natural landscape of Norra Djurgården and provides a special place for both the curious general public and birding, hunting, and nature enthusiasts. Somewhere they can not only see and touch the products but also experience them in the environment they were created for.

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