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SWAROVSKI OPTIK Building Inner courtyard in the north panorama view ID:1035283


Figures describing a success story

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#gobirdingvlogs by Leander Khil B/ - #gobirdingvlog Episode 7: Spring Bird Sounds Kleiber by Leander Khil

#gobirdingvlog Episode 7

Spring Bird Sounds

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#gobirdingvlog Episode 8: Namibia by Leander Khil

#gobirdingvlog Episode 8:


Видеодостаточность: 7 мин.
!!!Yellow-naped-Parrot by Leander Khil

Leander Khil meets Heidi Pasch de Viteri

A haven for wildlife in Guatemala

Видеодостаточность: 7 мин.
Spotting Scopes Tips Birding BTX85 PTH PCT ATX95 EL ID: 1208811



Видеодостаточность: 5 мин.
BTX Birding Lake Neusiedl landscape Willow Khil

Leander Khil & Gabriel Willow at Lake Neusiedl

Sharing the joy of birding

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K21 CL Curio Marc Newson 047 CMYK

CL Curio

Expect the unexpected

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 NL Pure 32


NL Pure 32

Видеодостаточность: 1 мин.
closer2hunting Nature’s call – and Patrick’s response Patrick walking, Z8i ID1313226

How brilliant minds achieve the impossible

Great performance

Видеодостаточность: 3 мин.
EL Range in Hand US

How to invent binoculars that measure distance & angle

Experts in foresight

Видеодостаточность: 2 мин.
dS long range shooting

How to invent a smart rifle scope

Ingenuity fitting into the smallest space

Видеодостаточность: 3 мин.
Birder and his BTX Miracle of Migration ID 1208815

Inventive talent

The art of viewing

Видеодостаточность: 2 мин.
K15 EL Optik Teile Gesamt ID 766083

How to invent binoculars with wrap-around grip

An original is an original is an original

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#gobirdingvlog Episode 5: Guatemala B/ - Leander Khil

#gobirdingvlog Episode 5:


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#gobirdingvlog Episode 6: Austrian Alps- Bergpieper / Water pipit by Leander Khil

#gobirdingvlog Episode 6:

Austrian Alps

Видеодостаточность: 6 мин.