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Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 - Stefaan Rotthier on a driven hunt with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i 0.75.Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 - Stefaan Rotthier on a driven hunt with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i 0.75.Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 - Stefaan Rotthier on a driven hunt with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i 0.75.

Is dedicated equipment necessary?

Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20

Belgian hunter, Stefaan Rotthier,

tells us how switching from one Z8i to the dedicated driven hunt version truly made a difference.

Around the world, the history of humanity is connected to hunting. Throughout the ages, every continent or even country has developed its own hunting culture with special methods, insights, local influences, and unique results. For us, in Belgium, driven hunting has always been the most popular hunting method to bring friends and family together as well as to cherish what nature has to offer.

Driven (to) hunt

I was introduced to hunting at a young age. My father took me with him, just like his father had taken him. Driven hunting is in our blood. From the beginning of October until the end of December we are out every weekend.

When we talk about the act of hunting during these driven hunts, I think most people would agree that the hunter needs to have two things in order:

1. First of all, he has to develop a certain skill set covering response speed and accuracy. To place a perfect shot, one needs to train as much as possible – not only during the hunting season. Training on the shooting range and shooting simulator is necessary to hone these skills, so that they are kept on a good level.

2. Secondly, the hunter has to make sure that his firearm and rifle scope are in good condition and well adjusted. Everybody has their own ideas and feelings about their firearm and scope of choice depending on their experience.

Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 - Stefaan Rotthier walking in the hunting grounds

SWAROVSKI OPTIK – a family tradition

In my case, I have been choosing SWAROVSKI OPTIK from the beginning. My grandfather had it, my father has it and I learned to hunt with it. A family tradition, one could say. However, it’s not only a brand that gives me a good feeling because it represents hunting in the way that I see it myself. Its quality is just outstanding, unmatched by any other brand, in my eyes.

Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 - Stefaan Rothier SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i 0.75-6x20

A special rifle scope

for driven hunting?

Last year, I received the new driven hunt scope. The Z8i 0.75-6x20 was the first scope I ever had which was created especially for driven hunts. Until then, I had been hunting with my Z8i 2.3-18x56 P on the stand. It was something I was used to and had good results with.

The first day I hunted with the new Z8i 0.75-6x20 was a true revelation. Not only is this scope very lightweight (so your rifle is more manageable), but the ViewPlus 0.75x magnification was just stunning.

My first experience with the Z8i 0.75-6x20

That day the sun was out, temperatures were still high, and the wind brought a soothing feeling. Wild boars were everywhere. Like always we had to pull our stand number and find our way to the assigned position. Hunting horns in the background and dogs getting excited to get out of their trailer. As a shooter you get a type of positive stress, the anticipation of the potential boars to come.

An intense feeling typical for driven hunts, certainly heightened when the horns announce the beginning of the drive of your section. It can get quiet sometimes, but only until the dogs find the first boar.

Then, the whole forest is suddenly in uproar. I can hear the barking come closer. I’m ready. Suddenly I see movement!
VIEWPLUS without text

Z8i 0.75-6x20


I shoulder my rifle and bring the scope to my eyes. With the 30% larger field of view, I see more than I have ever seen before. I am totally aware of everything that is happening in front of me while looking through the scope. The wide, crystal-clear view together with the new D-I reticle gives me the opportunity to be accurate very quickly on this fast-moving wild boar.

The shot is placed perfectly. The boar falls to the ground immediately.
Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 - Stefaan Rothier on a driven hunt holding the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Z8i 0.75-6x20 in his hands

Not only because I had more success, but also because I was more at ease AND my accuracy was on a much higher level.

Choose dedicated equipment for every hunting situation

This experience totally convinced me! From now on, I am choosing my rifle’s scope according to the upcoming hunting situation, just like I prepare myself for each scenario in a different way. The Z8i 0.75-6x20 will certainly stay on my rifle for all the driven hunts to come at home and abroad. A true improvement of my hunting skills due to a small change of equipment.

Driven hunting with the Z8i 0.75-6x20 H/ - About the author and hunter: Stefaan Rotthier

About the author and hunter:

Stefaan Rotthier

Stefaan Rotthier from Belgium is a passionate and dedicated hunter. He teaches the next generation about sustainable, responsible, and legal hunting in harmony with nature.
For driven hunting, he now uses the Z8i 0.75-6x20 (with SLP and TL). Whenever he needs to cover longer distances when shooting, he opts for his Z8i 2,3-18x56 (with BTF). His EL Range 10x42 helps him to correctly measure how close or far away the game is.

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