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Gudrun and her daughter RonjaGudrun and her daughter RonjaGudrun and her daughter Ronja

Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann about her favorite places

From her parents’ garden to the world

Temps de lecture: 3 minutes
European Roller MAM 12911883

An extremely rare sight:

the blue roller in southeastern Styria

“The sight of the blue rollers returning to the southeastern part of Styria from their wintering areas in Africa never fails to thrill me each year,” says Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann, showing us a photo of the vibrant blue bird that is, unfortunately, becoming increasingly hard to spot in Austria. This makes any sighting and photo of this rare species a particularly special highlight for any birder.

!!! Laubfrosch Waldteiche (c) Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann

Nature held a great fascination

for Gudrun

...even as a child. She spent countless hours in the garden by the pond or exploring the woodlands of the Krems region with friends. “Even overgrown areas of an old market garden were a great source of discoveries,” she recalls with a smile. “Exploring the animal world has always been a grounding experience for me.”

!!! Schafstelze Seewinkel (c)Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann

It wasn’t until many years later

that the passionate biologist got into birding

...during a commission for television with the Austrian bird protection organization Birdlife Österreich. The project awakened her interest in ornithology. Together with her ornithologist partner, she now spends a lot of time exploring her local region and the wider world.

“I have experienced so many thrilling moments in my life: from watching golden jackal cubs playing in the Seewinkel National Park to being wakened by the call of black-throated divers in the wilds of Sweden” Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann
!!! Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann mit Spektiv

When binoculars

inspire dreams

Over ten years ago, a pair of SWAROVSKI OPTIK EL binoculars played an important part in awakening Gudrun’s love for birding.
The first experience of seeing birds up close and discovering hidden details without disturbing their natural behavior sparked a new passion. The binoculars she used back then are still among her favorites today, as is the ATX 65 spotting scope that she now uses for wildlife and nature film shoots as well as on her own personal trips.

“Exploring the outdoors gave me energy even as a child, and this is still true today. I love being completely immersed in my observations, and I’ve managed to capture a great deal on video and film too”
!!! Waldteiche, Gudrun Kaufmann


Gudrun Tiefenbach-Kaufmann

Gudrun is a freelance biologist, nature and wildlife film producer, and trainer. Together with her partner, a fellow birding enthusiast, Gudrun runs a biology engineering office, but also plans species-appropriate zoo habitats and organizes exciting nature workshops for children and adults. Gudrun is currently expanding her extensive knowledge with a marketing course at the Danube University Krems, and has been happily working with SWAROVSKI OPTIK for several years as a certified digiscoping trainer.

!!! Gudrun beim Digiscopen mit Fernglas (c) Andreas Tiefenbach

Gudrun lives

in the Raab Valley in Styria intensively farmed area that unfortunately leaves little room for natural diversity. This makes the region’s last traditional and sustainably managed carp ponds even more precious, as a living environment and feeding habitat for countless animal species – and a source of many potential discoveries for birders like Gudrun. The biologist often walks from her home to the ponds in the hope of spotting, with a little luck, resting cranes, ospreys fishing for carp, and birds rarely sighted in Austria, such as squacco herons or yellow-headed wagtails.

Swarovski Optik Spotting Scope CCT, CTH, ATX 65 mm
NL Pure 10x32 Burnt Orange