K19 ATX 115 perspektivisch HRes RGB - lens cropped

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Sport optics made in Tyrol, Austria

Made in Austria

Exquisite tailoring has a long tradition in Tyrol. Take, for example, the fine craftsmanship of the world-famous and highly sought-after traditional costumes. SWAROVSKI OPTIK takes advantage of this great wealth of expertise, with some textile products manufactured just a stone’s throw from its site in Absam.


During our search for new and sustainable packaging concepts as well as inspiration for other SWAROVSKI OPTIK products, we considered the question: would it be possible to procure items made entirely in Austria? And if so, how? The idea fascinated us and we investigated it further: which material met this requirement, is free from plastic, and can be processed in our region?

Our research led us to choose a linen-cotton blend, a completely natural-origin material produced in a small traditional Austrian weaving mill.


In the next step, we placed an order with a local tailor’s workshop for various fabric products. This operation offered extensive expertise in custom tailoring and was capable of meeting our high requirements with great know-how and painstaking attention to detail. The short transport distances would also help to reduce CO2 emissions. ‘100 percent plastic-free’ even meant the elimination of components such as nylon threads.

The result was a first ‘collection’ consisting of an apron and a novel storage bag for the EL binoculars. Both products feature the positive properties of the cotton-linen material mix: durable, lint-free, dirt-repellent, washable, and with an extremely long lifespan.

storage bag for the EL binoculars - EL halb in Beutelstorage bag for the EL binoculars - EL Standardzubehoer
we are conscious of our responsibility toward nature
Founded in 1949, the SWAROVSKI OPTIK specializes in the development and manufacturing of long-range optical instruments of the highest precision in the premium segment of the market.

The cycle of


These examples provide just a glimpse of the vital importance we place on sustainability. As a company engaged in production, which relies on nature’s resources, we focus on ensuring that the cycle is complete in terms of what we give and take. We therefore comply with very strict environmental regulations and stringent ecological standards designed to preserve our natural habitat. Because we are conscious of our responsibility toward nature and strive to assume this each day in every area of our operations.