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Wyss family deer hunting

Experiences that unite

For the Wyss family, hunting is a natural part of everyday life. In this story, filmmaker and hunter Mario Theus talks about father Manuel, mother Katja, son Lorenz, daughter Julia, and hunting dog Kronos – all united by their passion for hunting.

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Shared passion

Deer hunting

Roe deer have a magical attraction for the entire Wyss family. Father, mother, son, and daughter go out together in search of adventures in the forests, the deer’s habitat. The fifth member of the family, hunting dog Kronos, loves deer too – or more precisely, he loves tracking their scent.

In winter and spring, the Wyss family head outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and observe the deer, which is always a different experience, so there is never a dull moment. From May onwards, as well as observing, they also hunt. On summer evenings, Katja and Manuel wait in the hide and look out for passing roebucks. The children and Kronos are almost always there too. The highlight of hunting family life comes in fall.

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Shared goals

Hunting with Kronos, the Schweizer Laufhund

From October onwards, the whole family goes out tracking together. Hunting dog Kronos takes the starring role on these adventures: he drives the deer while the family waits patiently at their posts. In many cases, they just catch sight of the deer. But these fall hunts are very special moments as the whole family spends the day in the forest: hunting together, having lunch, sharing hunting successes, enjoying sightings, and feeling the unbridled passion of the hunting dog.

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Shared moments

Mother and daughter

Katja Wyss takes her daughter Julia out in nature and on hunts all year round. An evening with her mother is a highlight for Julia. On the way to the hide, Julia actively assists and uses binoculars to scan the edge of the forest. Catching sight of roe deer is the best moment of all for Julia. Whether it is a roe deer fawn or a magnificent roebuck – Julia is entranced by every encounter. She isn’t sure yet whether she would like to be a hunter herself one day.

But as soon as mother Katja cocks her rifle, it is clear there is probably a budding hunter in Julia too. When the excitement ratchets up or her mother has a successful hunt, joy at the harvested game is the overriding emotion for Julia. But even if no animals come into view, Julia loves being in the hide, or out in a fall forest in the pouring rain. Sharing these moments with her mother, the whole family, and Kronos is so special for Julia.

Mario Theuss


Mario Theus

Mario Theus is an enthusiastic hunter with a degree in forestry engineering from the ETH Zurich university. His camera and filming skills are self-taught. He works as an independent filmmaker and founded the production company Palorma GmbH. As a keen mountain hunter, mountain hiker and nature filmmaker, he is constantly seeking out magical places and new stories.

Equipment der Familie Wyss
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