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A new birding era for Sarah Toner

The NL Pure

Yellow-rumped (Myrtle) Warbler, Clay Taylor

Sarah Toner, biologist, naturalist and birder, got very excited the first time she was holding our brand-new NL Pure binoculars.

I love the way the NL Pure fits in my hands. I have small, shaky hands. The shape of the NL Pure really helps me to hold the binoculars steady for longer. I’ve noticed that no matter how I try to grip it, it nestles comfortably into my hands.Sarah Toner

Ergonomic shape. Incredible view. More details.

The revolutionary ergonomic shape is only one of the special features of this innovation. Sarah also appreciates the forehead rest. It provides incredible stability even when moving rapidly to follow fast-moving birds like warblers in flight. Plus, it makes the NL Pure the perfect binoculars for scanning in open environments. Speaking of ‚open environments‘: For such areas, the exceptional, largest-ever field of view is just revolutionary. In Sarah's eyes, it allows a „close, sharp view, without feeling cut out from the rest of the surroundings.“

The wide field of view makes for a completely different birding experience than I’ve had before.Sarah Toner
I love having spaces where I don’t see anyone and I can just bask in the environment around me, watching juncos build nests or studying the liverworts growing along the rocks of the gorge.Sarah Toner
I love that nature can be found everywhere, from cracks in city sidewalks to the middle of nowhere.Sarah Toner

Sarah's #onewithnature moment

When we asked Sarah about her #onewithnature moment, she told us the following story: „On a cold spring day, the birds were hungry for insects hugging close to the warmer water. Four species of swallows swooped across the road in front of my face, giving me stunning views, and Yellow-rumped Warblers clustered in the shrubs rising out of the water, flitting across the gaps.“

My binoculars are a key part of me, and I really rely on them to bring the natural world closer.Sarah Toner