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New-found happiness in nature  MAM ID: 675025671New-found happiness in nature  MAM ID: 675025671New-found happiness in nature  MAM ID: 675025671

7 New Year’s resolutions for observing animals

New-found happiness in nature

It’s the start of the years . Do you already have plans? Birders and animal observers will no doubt continue to feel the pull of nature in the New Year, and while some like to discover the wonders of their immediate surroundings, others book flights to the best birding spots in the world.

No matter where it takes us, the New Year is always an opportunity to make positive resolutions. In case you’re still looking for inspiration, we’ve got 7 great New Year’s resolutions for you here:

New Year’s resolutions for observing animals / O - discover


Turn your gaze toward the small wonders of nature

Our eyes often look to the distance and we focus on the big picture. That’s amazing and often gives us incredible panoramic views, but there are countless wonders to be found in the detail. That’s why we want to also look for the magic in the small things in the New Year, observing butterflies, dragonflies and beetles. Top tip: turn your binoculars the other way round and you’ve got a magnifying glass.

New Year’s resolutions for observing animal- K16 View

Number 2

Change perspective every now and then

There’s an old photography adage that says: You’ll only realize the perspectives of life when you’re also lying on the ground. That’s why in the New Year, we want to change perspective more often and get inspiration from new angles. After all, isn’t it sometimes really helpful to lose your sense of orientation?

New Year’s resolutions for observing animals / O - discover new animals

Number 3

Explore the nature on your doorstep

It doesn’t always have to be a safari or a trip to the Amazon. Good things can be found much closer to home. In the New Year, we intend to discover five new animals on our doorsteps. To do this, you don’t need to live in the countryside. Even green oases by the apartment buildings further down the road or the bee-friendly flower bed in the courtyard can be the perfect setting.

New Year’s resolutions for observing animals - K20 hidden corners

Number 4

Greater awareness of sustainability

It’s possible that some of us will reconsider their actions and avoid long-haul flights in the New Year. Instead, we want to jump on our bikes or go for a walk to discover new hidden corners – to boost our fitness, but most of all to boost the well-being of our planet.

New Year’s resolutions for observing animals - lunch break

Number 5

Spend your lunch break outside more often

We all know how it goes: you dash to the supermarket round the corner at lunchtime to grab a sandwich or spend a brief moment with colleagues in the canteen. That’s been fine up to now, but in the New Year, we want to spend at least one lunch break per week in the great outdoors. Fresh air sends more oxygen to the brain, fires up your metabolism, and combats stress – meaning you’ve got more energy rather than a midday slump. And who knows, maybe you’ll discover an animal or two while you’re at it.

New Year’s resolutions for observing animals / O - outside

Number 6

Just get outside and make the most of it

These days, society makes us believe that doing nothing is a waste of time, but in actual fact, the opposite is true. When we don’t have any specific plans for a change and simply take the time to breathe, to listen, and to see, we give our bodies and our minds a much-deserved time out. This helps to prevent burnout, especially when we spend that time in nature. And that’s exactly what we want to do more often in the New Year.

New Year’s resolutions for observing animals / O - andere begeistern

Number 7

Get others excited about observing animals

In these times of increasing digitalization, more and more people are being drawn outside into nature. They’re looking for a contrast to the digital, something they can touch and experience first-hand. So, it’s no surprise that observing nature and birding are becoming increasingly popular. We’re well aware of how beneficial it can be, so why not encourage others to take up the hobby? In the New Year, we intend to invite family and friends to join us once in a while so we can show them what we think is so great about nature.

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