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01 July 2022EL Range TA with Tracking Assistant

Now also available in orange

Around a year after their launch, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is now offering a color version of its digital binoculars with the EL Range with Tracking Assistant (TA) in orange. The new-look top hunting product will be available with 8x and 10x magnification from authorized retailers and on from July 1, 2022.


The EL Range with Tracking Assistant (TA) is a perfect combination of SWAROVISION technology and digital intelligence. The binoculars provide razor-sharp images with precise range and angle measurement, with a measurement range of 10 to 2,000 meters (10.9 to 2,187 yds). The digital EL also comes with useful additional features including a compass, ballistics calculator, and tracking assistant.


To tailor the settings of the digital binoculars as closely as possible to your needs, the EL Range Configurator app is recommended. Three personalized ballistics profiles can be configured. The EL Range (TA) considers atmospheric data such as air pressure and temperature to show the hunter the adjusted shooting distance and clicks needed on the ballistic turret, as well as the hold-over/hold-under values.


The Tracking Assistant is a revolutionary new feature that helps hunters to locate the target area, particularly in difficult terrain. The program works directly on the EL Range TA or on a smartphone using the EL Range Configurator app.


The FRR forehead rest EL Range is available as an accessory. It provides a stable three-point support to ensure maximum stability and comfort when observing for extended periods.

A video with setup information can be found here:

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