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The dG is the first long-range optical device to allow you to identify and document your sightings and share them with other people.

Document. Identify. Share. SWAROVSKI OPTIK's dG (digital guide) teaches nature enthusiasts worldwide more about wildlife.
IDENTIFYDISCOVER NATURELearn more about the wildlife you spot. The dG helps you to identify birds and other animals on your own. With the simple push of a button, your sightings are transferred to your smartphone, your Merlin Bird ID app, or the Wildlife ID app for automatic identification.
DOCUMENTTREASURE MOMENTSSeamlessly observe, photograph and track your wildlife encounters. With 8x magnification power, you won’t miss a thing. Store your images and videos in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK dG app to preserve your special moments. Even without a connection to your mobile device, your dG can take and save up to 50 photos.
SHARESHARE THE JOYShare your discoveries with others. An integrated Wi-Fi hotspot allows several of your companions to follow your sightings by live stream. You can also share your adventures on social networks with friends and the worldwide community.
dG in Use by Father and on, sitting in a hooddG on ground within grass with bird picture on smarthone screen
dG Merlin Bird ID App with phone bird


Merlin Bird ID

The Merlin app’s main function is to identify more than 5,000 bird species worldwide. When you take a photo, it is transferred directly to the Merlin app.

Technical specifications
Swarovski Optik Digital Guide dG
dG 8x25
25 mmEffective objective lens diameter
6.8 °Field of view degrees
89 %Light transmission
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