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Second South-eastern Pelican Census

Second South-eastern Pelican Census

17. November 2017

#Animals #Conservation programs

This year for the second time in history a joint effort was made to assess the population status of the two pelican species occurring in South Eastern Europe: Both are huge ground-nesting birds that breed in colonies on islands.


The Northern Goshawk: Noble raptor with sharp vision

21. September 2015

#Bird watching #Conservation programs #Animals

BirdLife Austria, the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU), and the Bavarian Society for the Protection of Birds (LBV) have selected the Northern Goshawk as the 2015 Bird of the Year for Germany and Austria. This bird of prey has got adaptability down to a real art. It can be found in forests as well as in cities, eating everything it can find in its hunting ground, as it is an opportunist when it comes to finding food. With its expertise as a hunter and sharp vision, opinions are divided about the Northern Goshawk – and unfortunately, it is also under threat. Therefore, there are numerous reasons for making the public increasingly aware of this legendary bird of prey.


An early April morning in Sweden's peatlands

31. August 2015

#Wildlife watching #Bird watching #Animals

This is my sixth day of scrutinizing the smallest tufts and details with my binoculars in my attempt to spot the black grouse. My lurkying, makes the time go by slow and I wonder if I will finally end up spotting these birds. The morning passes as usual, without the slightest sign of life. Thus I decide to leave my small hide out.

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