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closer2hunting To hunt is to protect - Patrick Hundorf, Hessen with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK EL 50closer2hunting To hunt is to protect - Patrick Hundorf, Hessen with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK EL 50closer2hunting To hunt is to protect - Patrick Hundorf, Hessen with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK EL 50


To hunt is to protect.

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Animal-loving hunters? A contradiction in terms? Can nature conservationists go hunting? Are you permitted to be both – enthusiastic ornithologist and passionate hunter?

What appear to be opposites are in fact aspects that Patrick is effortlessly combining. Born and raised in Germany, he is not only an animal-loving hunter, ecologist, and ornithologist, but also a committed protector of the habitats and species of his homeland. In his eyes, loving nature and hunting responsibly are branches of the same tree.

Nature is not only life, it is also my life.Patrick @patrickdogvillage

All animals, no matter whether they may be hunted or not, are dear to Patrick’s heart. Together with his hunting friends, he is protecting and preserving the native animal species in his hunting region located in the Sauerland, Germany, and beyond.

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The diverse hunting grounds spread over almost 1,000 hectares (about 2,500 acres) across the highlands and offer to the most diverse habitats. The forests, fields, streams, and quarry are home to roe deer, wild boar, hare, mallard ducks, pigeons, predator game, and raccoons. There are also some endangered animal species, which are not hunted, such as the Eagle Owl, the Black Stork, the Red Kite, the Fire Salamander, and the Great Grey Shrike. For that reason, the area is of high ecological value.

“Nature is the foundation of our lives. Its diversity is a legacy we must both cherish and protect.”Patrick @patrickdogvillage

However, not everything is sunshine and roses. The season 2018/19 was devastating for the forest stand in Patrick’s hunting grounds. Drought, storms, and the bark beetle were straining the forests, resulting in bare areas. Landowners and rangers realized that only healthy mixed forests are up to these challenges. Such tree populations are robust, help the climate, and support species protection. In order to develop mixed forests, one needs a healthy stock of game. A more diverse tree population can prosper much more easily if hunters focus their efforts on bagging roe deer in these areas. Consequently, they would hunt less in other regions. With these measures, hunters are actively contributing to preserve the forest, protect biodiversity, and help adapt the ecosystem to better meet the challenges of climate change.

closer2hunting To hunt is to protect - Patrick Hundorf, Hessen, wide landscape

Besides preserving nature through hunting, Patrick is involved in various projects safeguarding the local fauna. For these endeavours, he is supported by SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Patrick relentlessly examines the populations in their habitats - regardless of whether the Golden Eagle, the Fire Salamander, the Northern Lapwing or the Corn Bunting are the object of investigation – in order to actively contribute to the preservation of biodiversity.

„Protecting species in the agrarian landscape is an issue that is very dear to my heart, especially because stocks have been declining at an alarming pace.” Patrick @patrickdogvillage

As ecologist and attentive observer, Patrick has been noticing numerous negative developments over the years. Their impact has become more and more apparent in recent time.

closer2hunting To hunt is to protect - Patrick Hundorf, Hessen Salamander


there is hope,

especially due to the fact that today everyone seems to be talking about protecting nature. The drastic decline in insects is raising awareness for the radical changes in the ecosystem. In Bavaria, a referendum for biodiversity has shown that the German population cares for the future of their natural heritage.

„Many species benefit from cultivated areas, as long as they are used sustainably and extensively. This is the only way we can ensure a healthy coexistence in the long run. Otherwise, we are leaving many animal and plant species behind.” Patrick @patrickdogvillage
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