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The dS Gen II automatically shows you the correct aiming point.The dS Gen II automatically shows you the correct aiming point.The dS Gen II automatically shows you the correct aiming point.

How the dS Gen. II supports responsible hunters

The next generation of smart rifle scopes

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Hunting is about being outdoors, spending time in nature, and it is
about quickly assessing situations.

Many hunters love to experience hunting with all their senses, being present in the moment. And at the same time, they want to feel at ease in taking the right decision and placing a precise shot, when the time is right.

The ideal scenario for every hunter: You find your prey, take accurate aim, and release a precise shot.

Responsible hunting is the top priority. For this way of hunting, the dS rifle scope offers the best possible support. And this is even more true for its successor - the new dS Gen. II.

dS II Gen

No more worrying about


Especially when shooting at longer ranges, a wide array of different factors come into play. Ballistics are a science of their own. However, on these special occasions, when you get lucky to spot just the right target, you want to focus on enjoying the hunting moment. Thinking about distance, ballistics, air pressure or angle corrections would just distract you.

dS II Gen

When aiming

focus on what matters

Wouldn’t it be nice to just focus on the things happening in front of you? The new dS supports you by taking care of the technical details. At the push of a button, the dS Gen. II shows you the correct aiming point – taking ballistics, distance, angle, temperature, air pressure and other factors into account.

Perfectly customized

But there is even more to our brand-new dS. It comes with a whole new world of possibilities in terms of personalization. Now, you can really make it your own and individualize your smart rifle scope to your personal way of hunting. You can adapt it precisely to your requirements.

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dS Gen II with reticle
dS II Gen Icons App
You can choose to display the information you need
  • an alignment indicator (to verify that the rifle is not tilted to one side),

  • the impact energy of the bullet on target,

  • the flight time of the bullet,

  • the velocity of the bullet on target or

  • the selected wind speed.

In addition, you can choose your preferred reticle for the upcoming hunt.

00:00 / 00:00
The dS Gen. II rifle scope comes with its own app. It allows you to customize your reticle and enter your ballistic data.

Easy configuration


As before, you configure the dS Gen. II via the dS Configurator App in advance. Rest assured that when out and about hunting, you only need your scope.

The app is available in the App Store and PlayStore.

The design and ergonomics of the dS Gen II allow intuitive and easy handling.
Excellent design, ergonomics, and aesthetics

Design and ergonomics have been hugely improved. Thanks to the enhanced cockpit and a slimmer battery tower, the handling of the new dS is even more intuitive, easier and faster. At the same time, the elegant shape and the harmonious proportions lead to a visually pleasing union of your rifle scope and weapon.

It is optics that count

The dS Gen. II offers uncompromising optics with:

  • a 5x zoom for a magnification of 5 up to 25,

  • a high detail recognition, and

  • an unsurpassed viewing comfort.

By the way: Even without a battery you can still take aim through your new dS by using the mechanical reticle.

In a nutshell, this is what the dS Gen. II does for you:

The dS Gen. II makes you feel at ease and confident. Then, you know you can place a precise shot.

Last but not least

What else do you need to be a responsible hunter?
Please make sure that your dS is correctly zeroed in and adjusted to suit your personal needs. In addition, we recommend to practice shooting with your rifle setup to be prepared for all hunting situations. This preparation will get you closer to your goal of being successful on your next dream hunt.

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