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SWAROVSKI OPTIK, the world's leading manufacturer of high precision long-range optics forges new ground with its latest binocular release: the CL Curio 7x21. Designed in an exclusive collaboration with world-renowned industrial designer, Marc Newson, the binoculars offer extraordinary power and design prowess, inspiring the question, “What can you discover when you look closer?”


In an ever-changing and often uncertain world, there has been an indisputable collective shift in mentality: a new attitude, a new way of existing. Shifts like a desire to travel with a slower, more conscious approach and a focus on nature-based experiences are having a marked cross-generational resurgence. Moreover, functional fashion and accessories are poised for market growth, with customers opting for items that make a statement about who they are and how they live their lives.

With many people refocusing on the great outdoors, the CL Curio 7x21 is perfectly positioned for popularity amongst design lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike – offering both a striking design statement and a high precision way to access the great mysteries of the natural world in a compact form.

“Our products sharpen the senses to perceive the beauty of nature – and understand the need to protect it. Experience the preciousness of the moment, connect with your essence and fall in love with Mother Nature”, states SWAROVSKI OPTIK CEO and Chairwoman of the Executive Board, Carina Schiestl-Swarovski.


The campaign, named “Expect the Unexpected”, brings the CL Curio 7x21’s creation process to life for a new design-focused market. The binoculars are an ambitious new offering from SWAROVSKI OPTIK, one that challenges users to boldly seek the unexpected – not only in the world around them, but in their assumptions of binoculars in the first place. In the words of CEO, Carina Schiestl-Swarovski, “When I look through binoculars, all distractions fade away. Suddenly, I am right there – in the middle of the action. The moment of experiencing such wonders is so intense. It is then that I remember just how beautiful and breathtaking the world is. All you need to do is take a close look and you will see it too.”


From a technical perspective, the CL Curio 7x21 is something to behold. It features a beautifully compact body and a strikingly design-forward look and feel. It is a truly unique item in the world of long-range optics, particularly when it comes to the seamless bridge design – a key point of focus for Newson, who is known for his unexpected reinterpretation of simple forms.

Newson’s goal was to develop “a very clean looking result when the hinge was both opened and closed – a design problem that to my knowledge has not been solved before.” As the latest member of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Family, the CL Curio 7x21 marries this groundbreaking exterior design with advanced technical specifications for an effortless, portable, and intuitive experience that marks them as the lightest and most compact binoculars in their category.


In two sleek colorways – solid black and burnt orange with a silver bridge – the CL Curio 7x21 is as striking as an urban accessory as it is an ideal device for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. This design story was an intentional one, crafted to marry the romance of nature with the optical and mechanical perfection that grants the closer view of it.

In Newson’s words, “There is an incredibly romantic aspect to this project because binoculars are timeless objects, and their function is akin to magic: they allow you to see things usually invisible to the naked eye. There are few remaining objects of this kind that still exist – a truly analogue device. Unlike many digital things, they are completely future proof.”

About Marc Newson

World-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson has been described as one of the most influential designers of his generation. Born in Sydney, Australia, he has lived and worked in Japan, France and the United Kingdom. where he currently resides. He has worked with brands such as Apple, Louis Vuitton and Montblanc and is responsible for some of the most iconic contemporary design pieces. Marc Newson has received numerous awards and has been included in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2005.

In an exclusive collaboration with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, Marc Newson has designed the CL Curio, a truly unique pair of binoculars with a design-forward look and feel. A key point of focus for Newson was the seamless and clean looking bridge design.

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