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August 28, 2023SWAROVSKI OPTIK is extending its EL Range series with a new compact and lightweight version


With the EL Range with Tracking Assistant (TA), SWAROVSKI OPTIK redefined binoculars for discerning hunters. Two years after its launch, with the EL Range 32, the Tyrolean family-owned company is introducing a lighter and more compact version of this top-of-the-range device. The EL Range 32 is available in two models with 8x or 10x magnification. Deliveries to selected retailers will start from October 2, 2023. The new binoculars with digital intelligence will also be available in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK online store at from this date.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is once again confirming its position as a trend-setter and technological leader in high-precision hunting optics. “Certain types of hunting, such as backcountry or mountain hunting, are attracting increasing numbers of followers. Devices not only need to meet the very highest demands in terms of optical performance, they also need to be compact and lightweight. On long hunts, every ounce counts. The EL Range 32 meets all these requirements,” explains Stefan Schwarz, CEO of SWAROVSKI OPTIK. The company is particularly proud of the small EL Range, considering the special challenges involved in the optical calculation, construction, and production of high-quality compact devices.

Lightweight and compact intelligence

The 32 mm model combines all the familiar EL Range features, such as range/angle measurement and the Tracking Assistant, in a complete optical and electronic package weighing just 680 grams (24 ounces) (10x magnification) or 685 grams (24.2 ounces) (8x magnification). The distance measurement range is 9 to 1,500 meters (10 to 1,640 yards). The main external difference is the binoculars’ single bridge, designed to allow enhanced ergonomics for larger hands.

Smart companion

The EL Range 32 can be configured according to individual preferences using the EL Range Configurator app and customized with the hunter’s own ballistics data. Shot accuracy is assisted by incorporating atmospheric data such as air pressure and temperature, and by displaying the adjusted shooting distance and the clicks needed on the ballistic turret of a SWAROVSKI OPTIK rifle scope. Users can also decide whether they would prefer assignment of the right or left button for the measurement function. The other button then becomes the mode button.

Exceptional details

The balanced optics concept provides high-contrast images with natural colors and razor-sharp contours. The FRR forehead rest has been further enhanced and is available as an accessory. It provides a stable three-point support to ensure maximum stability and comfort when observing for longer periods.

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