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May 06, 2024SWAROVSKI OPTIK opens its first CAMPEX in Scandinavia

Connecting brand, consumers and nature experience

SWAROVSKI OPTIK, the renowned world leader in sport optics, is proud to present CAMPEX Stockholm, a pioneering concept in Northern Europe offering unparalleled moments in nature. More than just a retail space, CAMPEX redefines outdoor engagement, empowering nature enthusiasts with exceptional optics for immersive experiences. This innovative venture marks a significant step forward in SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s growth strategy, emphasizing the importance of direct connections with nature lovers around the world. CAMPEX Stockholm epitomizes the company’s commitment to bridging the gap between people and nature, embodying it´s ethos of innovation and consumer-centricity.

At SWAROVSKI OPTIK, sustainable growth – especially in the outdoor sector – is a clear strategic goal for us. Central to this strategy is our strong commitment to our consumers. Since as early as 2013, we have encouraged direct engagement with them, reaching out through various channels. The CAMPEX concept is pivotal to this omnichannel strategy as it provides immersive experiences with our products and opens up new opportunities for our brand to appeal to nature enthusiasts, says Stefan Schwarz, CEO of SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

Creating a clear geographical presence for the SWAROVSKI OPTIK brand in Scandinavia will further strengthen our commitment to our consumers. It will also complement our omnichannel strategy to engage nature enthusiasts wherever they want to experience exceptional optics, says Fredrik Jonsson, Country Manager SWAROVSKI OPTIK Nordics.

With the launch of CAMPEX Stockholm, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has created a completely new way of interacting with its consumers, offering a global brand experience in a local setting and a unique way for visitors to explore SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s solid portfolio of high-quality sport optics. CAMPEX Stockholm is situated in the beautiful natural landscape of Norra Djurgården and provides a special place for both the curious general public and birding, hunting, and nature enthusiasts. Somewhere they can not only see and touch the products but also experience them in the environment they were created for.

Our vision with CAMPEX Stockholm is to provide a place where people both young and old can be inspired by the beauty of nature, experience SWAROVISKI OPTIK’s full potential, and at the same time embrace, deepen their understanding of, and continue to build their love for nature, says Fredrik Jonsson.

At CAMPEX Stockholm, a series of activities will be organized for those interested in nature. Visitors will have the opportunity to borrow binoculars to explore the natural setting around Djurgården, and through guided birdwatching tours will be able to gain more knowledge of birds as well as which type of optics is best for different situations. There will also be lectures and seminars covering everything from the basics of birding to more in-depth aspects of hunting.

Our visitors can look forward to really getting close to nature. We not only offer the tools in the form of our optics, but also the knowledge through our expert-led tours and lectures. We have created an interactive environment where each visitor receives personal guidance and hands-on experience, which is essential to truly appreciate the precision and quality our binoculars offer. It is a step toward not only appreciating, but also contributing to the preservation of the surroundings we all value so highly, Fredrik Jonsson continues.

Celebrating its 75th anniversary with the international engagement campaign Generation Nature, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has long been a leader in the development of high-precision sport optics that encourage people to appreciate and understand the wonders of nature. Throughout its history, the company has made sustainable decisions with foresight to maintain the balance of ecosystems and ensure the continuity of future generations.

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