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Leopard, wildlife, Botswana, nature and species conservation
Leopard, wildlife, Botswana, nature and species conservation
Leopard, wildlife, Botswana, nature and species conservation

How we act

Nature and species conservation

“The biological diversity of the planet is the web that holds our existence together. Every lost species – no matter how small or seemingly insignificant – weakens this network. It is not only our duty to preserve our natural world, but also crucial for us as individuals and as a society. our approach consists of direct and long-term participation in selected projects around the world.” DALE FORBES, HEAD OF STRATEGIC BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT
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The cycle of give and take

SWAROVSKI OPTIK regards itself as part of the cycle of give and take. We made the commitment already a long time ago not only to have as little and the least harmful
impact possible on the planet, but also to actively seek opportunities where our products, skills, contacts, and financial support can really change the situation and make an improvement.

Kazakhstan/Near and Middle EastSOCIABLE LAPWING

Objective: To safeguard the breeding grounds with the focus on Kazakhstan; cross-border cooperation to protect the birds’ key resting places on their migration routes and their wintering grounds from India to north-east Africa.

SWAROVSI OPTIK is operating worldwide

The importance of biodiversity

Nature is infinitely complex – a closely woven web of strands connected to and dependent on each other. This “web” is the pattern for our world where everything belongs together as diversity and relations are the foundations of life on our planet. One leads to the other; one facilitates the other. This also means, unfortunately, that the destruction of even a small species has an impact on the large whole. The more components disappear, the less resilience the whole ecosystem will have. If individual components of an ecosystem disappear, e.g. an animal or plant species, some functions of the ecosystem will be lost. The web has fewer strands and is susceptible to additional “holes".

Companies in particular have an important responsibility to recognize their own interaction with the web of life and to act appropriately in a considerate and sustainable manner.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s aim is rather to continue weaving the web of life with imagination, courage, and a great deal of personal effort in all its diversity of patterns, colors, and forms.

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When we think about biodiversity, we might think about the birds of Costa Rica, the fantastic reptiles and insects of Madagascar, or the unique mammals of Australia. As a description of the enormous variety of life on Earth. However, biodiversity encompasses all living things including plants, animals, bacteria and, of course, human beings. In fact, it is estimated that the vast majority of species on the planet have yet to be described by science!

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