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CL Companion 2017 woman with binoculars at lake ID 1037143CL Companion 2017 woman with binoculars at lake ID 1037143CL Companion 2017 woman with binoculars at lake ID 1037143

The freedom to experience more

Small and compact – like today’s adventures. And our binoculars.

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An original idea has turned into a major trend. All over the world, people are having “microadventures.” Named after the bestseller by Alastair Humphreys, these are outdoor experiences that are accessible to everyone and that can be fitted into an evening or weekend. Jumping into a river, spending the night in a tent in your garden, or navigating your home town on foot. Consciously setting out on an adventure, whatever the weather, in harmony with nature – this is a new kind of freedom. The freedom to experience more.

CL Companion anthrazit flying ID 1017496


The CL Companion

The ideal partner on your microadventure is the CL Companion from SWAROVSKI OPTIK. Small and compact, these binoculars open up your eyes to the beauty of nature and everything it brings, from recreation to relaxation.

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They put us right in the moment and make the experience even more intense thanks to their impressive optics and intuitive handling.

During the design phase, the challenge was how to combine a handy format and ease of use with the highest optical specifications. The results speak for themselves. The convenient size of the CL Companion makes it easy to handle. It slides easily into your pocket so you can always have it at hand, and it is quick and easy to pack away.

CL Companion Woman in tent SwedenCL Companion 2017 putting in pocket ID 1040406

Many people can’t imagine traveling without their binoculars. But shouldn’t you also have them with you when you’re taking a short trip into the great outdoors – on a microadventure? Of course! Because they can turn the smallest of happenings into a truly memorable experience. Just try it out for yourself.

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CL CompanionThe freedom to experience more
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