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K21 CL Curio Marc Newson 034 CMYKK21 CL Curio Marc Newson 034 CMYKK21 CL Curio Marc Newson 034 CMYK

Marc Newson talks about the CL Curio

Interview with the designer

Reading time: 4 min.

Nature continuously gives us insights into its absolute perfection. If you look more closely, you get a vague understanding of the difference between “complex” and “complicated.” Something might look simple at first glance or seem to work very easily, but incredible things can be hidden beneath the surface. Expect the unexpected – both in nature and when you hold the CL Curio in your hands for the first time. With these binoculars, we have worked with Marc Newson on the art of translating exceptional optics into a compact and timeless design. Considered one of the most influential designers of his generation, Marc Newson tells us about this truly remarkable collaboration.

Marc Newson on his relationship with binoculars:“I’ve loved binoculars since I was a child! And I still love them today because I think they’re among the most future-proof objects that exist.”

Marc Newson on the links between design and optics:“SWAROVSKI OPTIK had a very detailed brief with all the technical specifications for the product and a very clear idea of what was needed. When I came to the factory in Tyrol and saw how these objects are made, how everything works, I understood that their expertise really is second to none. I instantly understood that I was working with the very best. I was also delighted by how my design concept was realized. This project appealed to me on so many levels – and not least because I will always use these binoculars in future, and they make the perfect gift for friends.”

“My design language is about simplicity, functionality, and – I’d like to think – has a certain uniqueness.”Marc Newson
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Marc Newson on his fascination with optics: “In a way, it’s almost like alchemy. ‘Optics’ is something that’s really hard to grasp, and that’s what I love about it: the ability to see things in nature that you couldn’t otherwise see. It’s a magical phenomenon, that never ceases to delight me.”

Marc Newson on designing the CL Curio:“We essentially redesigned the entire housing – it looks very, very simple. But, like all things that appear to be simple, technically it is incredibly complex. SWAROVSKI OPTIK has done an extraordinary job of producing it. The CL Curio is discreet, quite subtle, and very functional, which I hope demonstrates my particular style of design.”

Marc Newson on the magic of analog: “There’s something incredibly romantic about working on products like binoculars because they’re largely timeless. But – just like mechanical watches, for example – they are probably even more contemporary than we know. You have a pair of binoculars for your entire life.”

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Marc Newson

World-renowned industrial designer Marc Newson has been described as one of the most influential designers of his generation. Born in Sydney, Australia, he has lived and worked in Japan, France, and the United Kingdom, where he currently resides. He has worked with brands such as Apple, Louis Vuitton, and Montblanc and is responsible for some of the most iconic contemporary design pieces. Marc Newson has received numerous awards and has been included in TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2005.

In an exclusive collaboration with SWAROVSKI OPTIK, Marc Newson has designed the CL Curio, a truly unique pair of binoculars with a design‐forward look and feel. A key point of focus for Newson was the seamless and clean looking bridge design.

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CL Curio - Expect the unexpected.Discover now