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The AX Visio binoculars – our window into nature

We only see what we know

How long have I been sitting here? What a good question. Long enough for my eyes to be dry from not blinking enough, and for my lungs to be strained from holding my breath. But also long enough to marvel at the bird that finally dares to come out from under the gable of the observation tower. This young bird faces a long journey ahead: When young swifts leave their nest, they spend several months almost permanently in the air. By the end of their lives, swifts have travelled a distance that would take you to the moon and back – five times.

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At first glance, swifts are rather inconspicuous birds. A specimen that I certainly wouldn't pay any attention to, if I didn't know about its truly amazing abilities. But when we see something that we have read and heard about, it exerts a very special fascination on us. The more we know, the more precisely we perceive our surroundings. This is not a new realization, though – even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once wrote:

You only see what you know.Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This statement may sound rather philosophical to begin with. However, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon:

Our consciousness and everything we perceive is linked to our experiences. Put simply, this means, we'll see the swift more often, when we know that it exists and learn about its special features. Of course, the same goes for peregrine falcons, which can see their prey clearly up to a distance of three kilometers. For snipes, who don't even have to move their heads to get a 360-degree panoramic view. And of course, this also applies to wild geese, which cross the highest mountains in the world on their migration journeys.

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We only see what we know. And what our binoculars know. Yes, you got that right: The AX Visio is the first pair of binoculars, which knows more than we do. At the touch of a button, the AX Visio helps us recognize birds and other creatures. We learn more with every observation. The AX Visio is our window to nature. The first smart binoculars that don't require us to know anything – and still enable us to see everything.

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Franziska Consolati

Franziska Consolati (née Bär) est auteure et aventurière. Elle était à peine adulte lorsqu’elle a entrepris l’un de ses premiers voyages à travers le Sahara, aux côtés de Bédouins. Quelque part entre les dunes du désert, notre planète a conquis son cœur. Depuis, elle a parcouru plus de la moitié du monde, s’est immergée dans des cultures étrangères et a exploré la nature sauvage hors des sentiers battus. Chaque pas a renforcé sa prise de conscience de la nécessité urgente d’agir pour protéger notre Terre. Franziska a travaillé pendant quatre ans pour une organisation de protection de l’environnement avant de devenir auteure indépendante, se consacrant à la fois aux voyages et à la protection de l’environnement.

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