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Biodiversity: Our project in Costa Rica /H/B/O - DJI 0630Biodiversity: Our project in Costa Rica /H/B/O - DJI 0630Biodiversity: Our project in Costa Rica /H/B/O - DJI 0630


Our project in Costa Rica

For the love of nature is the guiding principle at SWAROVSKI OPTIK. To live this principle and to make a difference, we have bought 285 acres (115 ha) of rainforest on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica: the SWAROVSKI OPTIK rainforest. With this hands-on conservation project, we want to take on responsibility in the face of the biodiversity crisis.

Why Costa Rica?

When it comes to biodiversity, Costa Rica is known as a country of vast natural richness and overwhelming biodiversity. However, rapidly growing tourism, unregulated development, and the extraction of natural resources are changing the landscape and natural habitats at unprecedented speed.
Because of Costa Rica’s unparalleled density of species, conservation efforts make a difference even on relatively small patches of land. By buying 285 acres (115 ha) habitat, we take direct and full responsibility for its protection. Through this approach we practice active conservation on-the-ground.

Biodiversity: SWAROVSKI OPTIK Regenwald - Tag der biologischen Vielfalt /H/B/O

The Osa Peninsula

Osa Peninsula is almost entirely covered with virgin rainforest. National Geographic names this region “the most biologically intense place on earth”. No wonder, as 2.5 percent of the world’s biodiversity can be found here on just 700 square miles. Just a few examples of species that live in Osa Peninsula:

  • Puma

  • Ocelot

  • Spider monkey

  • Great Curassow (Crax rubra)

  • Fiery-billed Aracari (Pteroglossus frantzii)

  • Turquoise Cotinga (Cotinga ridgwayi)

In total, Osa is home to 463 species of birds, 140 species of mammals and an astonishing 10,000 species of insects. The flora is no less astonishing: More than 700 species of trees grow on this small area. 2-3 percent of Osa’s flora is nowhere else to be found on earth.

You want to dive into the magnificent soundscape of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK rainforest? Here you are:

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Recorded and produced by Dale Forbes

Which species live in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK rainforest?

On iNaturalist, you can see which species (birds, mammals, insects, plants, …) have already been spotted on the area of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK rainforest. If you want to dive into the abundance of birds species that can be found there, then eBird will help you out.

Fiery-billed Aracari (Pteroglossus frantzii)

Rainforest and sea

SWAROVSKI OPTIK bought 285 acres (115 ha) of primary rainforest in Mogos, a key area between Piedras Blancas National Park and Corcovado National Park. This area is a critical corridor and of special importance for conservation work. While there are two National Parks nearby, it is necessary to ensure that the habitat that is linking these two is preserved.

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Biodiversity: SWAROVSKI OPTIK Regenwald - Tag der biologischen Vielfalt /H/B/O

Between Osa and the mainland is the Golfo Dulce, one of only four tropical fjords worldwide. These waters are home to magnificent wildlife, like 25 species of dolphins and whales, sea turtles, and an only recently discovered subspecies of sea snake. Golfo Dulce is also the only place on earth where Northern and Southern Humpback Whales meet to give birth to their young.

Biodiversity: SWAROVSKI OPTIK Regenwald - Tag der biologischen Vielfalt /H/B/O

What is SWAROVSKI OPTIK doing?

One of the main goals of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK RAINFOREST in Costa Rica is to stop illegal actions that threaten the biodiversity of the area, such as poaching, illegal logging, squatting, and any other form of land degradation.

Via baseline surveys, we will gather information about the resident birds, trees, frogs, bats, and other mammals. Further scientific studies and citizen science will be conducted to get an even better understanding of the local flora and fauna. Our aim is to investigate the suitability of the property for releasing and reintroducing endangered and locally extinct wildlife.

Our replanting program includes establishing ecological gardens with flowers that attract hummingbirds and butterflies as well as planting various fruiting plants for mammals, insects, and fruit-eating birds. These lush gardens will later become the setting for bringing people closer to nature.

Biodiversity: SWAROVSKI OPTIK Regenwald - Tag der biologischen Vielfalt /H/B/O - Better together

Involving the local community

Better together

Involving local communities and working closely with like-minded NGO’s is key for this project to be fruitful. We plan to establish conservation strategies and working agreements with local initiatives to enable environmental education and to strengthen the conservation efforts of the region.


Purpose & vision

Sustainability at SWAROVSKI OPTIK

A sustainable mindset and behavior are deeply rooted within our company and have guided our everyday working lives from the very beginning. The SWAROVSKI OPTIK RAINFOREST incorporates what we as a company stand for and is deeply connected to our purpose and vision.

Ocelot Costa Rica rainforest
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