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Test your device yourself

May 11 2020


You can test the image quality of your binoculars or spotting scopes in a number of ways:





1. Light-dark transitions:


These can be found on car license plates, signs, and illuminated billboards, but also on trees, leaves, branches, and mountain edges and ridges in front of a bright sky. A top-quality device means there is hardly any color fringing in the transitions. But be careful – never use the device to look directly at the sun or you could seriously damage your eyes!






2. Delicate structures:


The fine structures of plumage make it an ideal subject for testing, and the same is true of fur. Pay attention to the detail resolution. The better the optics, the less you can see yellow or bluish color fringing.






3. Starry skies:


Stars are perfect for testing because they are very bright, point-shaped light sources against a dark background. Top-quality optics will display them without distortion.






4. Edges:


It is also interesting to train your binoculars on an object somewhat off-center rather than right in the center as normal. This allows you to check the edge-to-edge sharpness and see whether there is any color fringing.






5. Bad light:


And finally, you can also test the image quality based on the prevailing light conditions. In the case of scattered light phenomena that occur when an object is back-lit or when viewing at twilight, it is easy to see the difference between premium and mass-market optics.



Feel free to download the test in German or in English.

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