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In the heart of nature

Victor Chanéac out in the Aravis region

Victor Chanéac out in the Aravis region

French hunter Victor Chanéac takes us on a trip to the French Alps. Let’s share some #onewithnature moments with him.

In May 2020, I was roaming my mountains in the heart of the Aravis region. Although it was a foggy morning that day, I decided to head outdoors. This time, with some new binoculars in my bag: the NL Pure.

My dog Pablo is looking forward to a day outdoors wandering through the mountains. The song of the grouse resounds at the bottom of the valley, the new-born offspring of the chamois play joyfully with their friends on the steep slopes.

Some deer mingle with the chamois herd. The stags‘ growing velvet antlers are starting to be impressive.

Victor ChanéacVictor Chanéac
Victor ChanéacVictor Chanéac

In the distance, the ibexes are also replacing their coats. I find enormous quantities of their spring moult.

Nature has its own beat. I enjoy this quiet moment, sitting on a rock with my new binoculars. Thanks to the NL Pure’s wide field of view, I can observe all these wonders without disturbing the animals but still feel as if I was right in the middle of the action.

I also find some grouse feathers that the cocks lost during the courtship. It's a magic moment. I feel like I'm the only person on earth right now.

Ibex, Victor Chanéac
Victor Chanéac


Victor Chanéac

Born into a family of hunters, Frenchman Victor Chanéac lives in the heart of the French Alps in Haute-Savoie. He still honors his grandfather’s hunting ethics, who in his time was a great chamois hunter. Why does he love hunting? Because „hunting means being as close to nature and wildlife as possible.“ Nature in general plays a vital role in Victor’s life. In his eyes, nature is a source of strength that must be protected and preserved. Besides being a passionate hunter and nature lover, Victor is also a dedicated sportsman. He loves biking and mountaineering. In winter, he works as a skiing instructor.

Follow Victor's hunting adventures on instagram:

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