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Long-range optics on the road


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How do you understand the value of binoculars? That’s right, by looking through them and experiencing precious moments. You need to see for yourself how it feels to get so close to nature without disturbing the animals. It is an amazing sensation that uplifts the soul and allows you to immerse yourself in the present moment. In our words, you


But how do we share this experience with as many people as possible? We knew that it was time for us to seek direct contact and venture with our binoculars and spotting scopes into their natural habitat: the outdoors.

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Thus, the Mobile Experience was created. A vehicle that brings optical gear to the places were wildlife observation is happening. So that you may see for yourself what the fuss is all about. With the Mobile Experience, SWAROVSKI OPTIK developed a unique mobile brand experience which aims to get closer to customers and enable as many people as possible to immerse themselves in the world of SWAROVSKI OPTIK and try out high-quality products.

But our Mobile Experience is not the only place to meet us… Find out more about where to experience our brand up close and test our products right away with expert guidance:




The first Mobile Experience was launched in 2017 in Central Europe. In 2019, we "went west" and brought the Mobile Experience to North America. Since then, 36 Mobile Experience set ups have been on the road throughout many countries, ranging from small environmentally friendly bikes to event cars and the famous SWAROVSKI OPTIK trailers.

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You want to know more ways to meet us? Come to one of our events close to you. Throughout the year, we organize or attend countless events, from trade shows and exhibitions to our Discover Nature Tour. This tour takes place from April to October. We are out and about in many countries around the world and look forward to meeting nature lovers like you. Get to know our brand, get expert advice and most importantly:

Test our binoculars on site
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Interested in the world of SWAROVSKI OPTIK?

Bringing together


SWAROVSKI OPTIKs mission is to inspire people to love and care for nature by bringing them closer to the preciousness of the moment. This motto was put into practice at our new Italian office CAMPEX Le Casellacce. The wonderful traditional agriturismo farmhouse is home to the SWAROVSKI OPTIK showroom, store, a lounge area and much more, bringing together a community of nature lovers.

CAMPEX Le Casellacce

At our showroom at the headquarters in Absam we invite people to discover the latest SWAROVSKI OPTIK products, chat with experts and spend some time in the “heart” of our company, in the middle of the majestic Tyrolean Alps.

No matter in which way you want to experience the world of SWAROVSKI OPTIK up close, we are looking forward to meeting you very soon.
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