K19 ATX 115 perspektivisch HRes RGB - lens cropped

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Top 6 Reasons why binoculars belong on every adventure

Discover more with your CL Companion binoculars!

... and why you should embrace the freedom to experience more!

1. Reawaken your sense of wonder

Children instinctively know what many of us have forgotten: There is always much more to discover.

2. Reveal what’s hidden just beyond

Something amazing is hidden at the limits of your vision. What will you uncover?

CL Companion 2017 lake Sweden ID 1037144
CL Companion 2017 Couple at the lake ID 1040404
CL Companion 2017 woman with binoculars at lake ID 1037143

3. Make the most of your valuable time

Travel is in the midst of a generational change with adventurers increasingly valuing time over money. Make the most of every precious moment with binoculars and see more.

4. Share the discovery

Sharing is one of the most rewarding benefits of travelling with binoculars: Pass the binoculars around and share your sense of discovery or start a conversation with a stranger by pointing out what you’ve just seen.

5. Adventure is where you are

With binoculars, you can travel to the ends of the earth. You can also travel to the end of your street and see your neighborhood, community or city in a whole new light.

6. Lighter, sharper, closer

Binoculars belong on every adventure. So lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them; so dazzlingly sharp and powerful they’ll put you at the heart of the action; so portable they fit unobtrusively into any daypack.