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Jonathan & Angela Scott SWAROVSKI 05Jonathan & Angela Scott SWAROVSKI 05Jonathan & Angela Scott SWAROVSKI 05

Sacred Nature 2

Photo Series

Temps de lecture: 3 minutes

Angela and Jonathan Scott are passionate storytellers and photographers. Their latest book, Sacred Nature 2 – Reconnecting People to Our Planet features poignant images of some of the world’s remaining wild places.

In a recent interview, photographer Angela shared anecdotes about her favorite images with SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

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Ice World

Angela took this stunning image featuring feeding cape petrels against the backdrop of wind, waves and an iceberg from the deck of a ship travelling back from South Georgia Island.

“It was bitterly cold and the wind was blowing so that you could hardly stand, let alone hold on to your camera as we crashed from one side to the other,” says Angela. “This is one of those lucky shots with no planning at all – a once in a lifetime moment - the key was knowing what camera settings I needed and what lens to use.”

For Angela, this photo represents a moment that is truly beyond reality.

“One hopes to have captured the feeling of wilderness. Images are more powerful than sound and touch. If you do your job well as a photographer, then the image really speaks to you and you are truly awestruck.”

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Standing Tall

Angela captured this image while spending quality time with her favorite family of lions: The Marsh Pride.

“At the time, two females had cubs at a dry riverbed area. I couldn’t see the cubs but then a nomadic male lion came along,” says Angela. “It was a terribly tense moment when he realized that the females were there. On the ridge above, he stood tall, making himself look as imposing as possible to intimidate the lionesses”

A male lion may try to kill lion cubs if they are not his own. The tension captured in this moment embodies the true spirit of the warrior as well as man’s connection with nature.

“The look of the male here is primal, it resonates with something deep inside us,” says Jonathan. “Regal and awe inspiring: you can see why lions are the emblem for so many things that human’s revere. The pure power of lions makes your heart stop. I defy anyone to look at such an image and feel indifferent.”

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Giving Back

This image, which was taken in the Bhutan capital of Thimphu, evokes the harmony and spiritual connection that many in Bhutan have to the natural world.

“This image was taken early in the morning. One of the baby monks shares his portion of rice with the pigeons,” says Angela. “For me, this picture represents the connection and respect for nature and other life that Buddhism embodies.”

In addition to being the birthplace of Gross National Happiness (GNH), Bhutan’s constitution mandates that 60% of its land remain under forest cover.

“The people of Bhutan live close to nature,” says Angela.

“The closer you live to nature the more you are reminded that it is the giver of life.”Angela Scott
Jonathan and Angela Scott


About Angela and Jonathan Scott

Angela and Jonathan Scott are passionate storytellers and photographers who help people to reconnect to nature and the world’s wild places. Their storytelling and photography, as featured in the long-running BBC documentary Big Cat Diary and, most recently, Big Cat Tales on Animal Planet, brought the drama of lions, cheetahs and leopards into millions of living rooms in Europe, the United States and beyond.

For the love of Nature

Swarovski Optik

our purpose

In line with our company purpose, SWAROVSKI OPTIK are pleased to support the couple’s 2nd book, Sacred Nature 2 – Reconnecting People to Our Planet, which is due to be published in September of 2021. You can learn more about their work by visiting