K19 ATX 115 perspektivisch HRes RGB - lens cropped

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How brilliant minds achieve the impossible

Great performance

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Since 1949, SWAROVSKI OPTIK has been inventing, designing, and manufacturing long-range optical products of the highest precision for demanding users. We stand for visionary thinking, quality, courage, respect, and love of nature. It makes us very proud that our innovations have repeatedly revolutionized the industry.

Find out how brilliant minds achieved what was once considered impossible: to create and manufacture rifle scopes with a 6x and even an 8x zoom in a central tube with a diameter of only 30 mm (1.2 in). The story of the Z6’s and Z8's development is told by Albert Fiedler, Head of Lens Design, and Helmut Wiedermann, Project Manager.

When it comes to smart optical devices, the LRS rifle scope put SWAROVSKI OPTIK at the vanguard of smart optics and paved the way for the next step in digital excellence: the dS.
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