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andreschoenherrB1075823 - AFL - Kathrin - Nebel - Wald - Z8i - Herbst - hawk merino beanieandreschoenherrB1075823 - AFL - Kathrin - Nebel - Wald - Z8i - Herbst - hawk merino beanieandreschoenherrB1075823 - AFL - Kathrin - Nebel - Wald - Z8i - Herbst - hawk merino beanie

Clear views on deer hunts

with the AFL anti-fog lens

The stag – a majestic animal. It grows new antlers every year. Hunting red deer is one of the most impressive experiences of any hunting career.

K21 Hirsch GettyImages-949143512 Absehen Vergleich RGB - AFL - Hirsch - stag - fog - reticle



So you shouldn’t leave anything to chance on a red deer hunt – and above all, this includes a clear view of the target. Thank God I had an AFL anti-fog lens on my rifle scope on my last guided stalking trip.

It’s still dark when we arrive at the starting point in the hunting ground. It’s late fall, fog has formed overnight, the air is cold and clear. I silently close the car door. The target for today’s hunt is a mature stag. My guide is an experienced hunter.

Before we set off, I switch on the AFL mounted on my Z8i.
We will stalk to the hide and I want to make sure I’m ready to shoot at any time if we happen to meet the majestic stag along the way.

K21 NL Pure ID : 1629535 - Michael - Nebel - Wald - cap

No sooner have we reached

the edge of the forest

in the first light of dawn when we see the silhouette of a mature stag in the meadow ahead of us. Moving slowly, my guide raises her EL Range TA to her eyes to confirm the sighting. I silently take up position three paces to his right.

andreschoenherrB1075852 - AFL - Kathrin - Nebel - Wald - Z8i - Herbst - hawk merino beanie
andreschoenherrB1075999 - AFL open - Z8i

I open the cover of the AFL and immediately have the stag in the field of view of my rifle scope. Despite the cold and my deep breathing, the image is crystal-clear.

The stag is less than 50 meters (55 yards) away and isn’t aware of us yet. The meadow rises up slightly behind it, giving me a clear shot. I can make out the hooked ends of the impressive antlers. I am now sure that this is the right stag. The tension suddenly ratchets up a notch.

I quickly glance at my companion who nods in confirmation. And I’m already running through my practised shooting sequence. My mind and gaze are focused on the deer and my breathing deepens. I use my thumb to cock and release the firearm. The illuminated dot of the reticle comes to rest just behind the shoulderblade. This is the moment I had been hoping for.

I slowly exhale and pull the trigger.
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Did you know that Poland has impressive numbers of red deer? Find out more about deer hunting.
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