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Closer Special Design, RF, Butterfly on blade of grass
Closer Special Design, RF, Butterfly on blade of grass
Closer Special Design, RF, Butterfly on blade of grass

From inspiration to innovation

See beauty

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“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” These are the words of Albert Einstein (1879–1955), who loved to regularly immerse himself in the seemingly simple things of life and nature. This led him to consider all kinds of relationships. His research and findings went on to revolutionize the natural sciences.

Nature teaches us everything, we just have to take a closer look. It can inspire us in every respect. This has been the focus of SWAROVSKI OPTIK from the very start. Wilhelm Swarovski, who founded the company in 1949, saw nature as a refuge, a source of inspiration, and a test bed for new products. 70+ years on, nothing has changed. Today, nature still provides us with an infinite source of new ideas. We are guided by it and look to it for inspiration when developing, designing, and manufacturing products that allow people around the globe to experience their surroundings with greater intensity.

We believe that consciously engaging with the beauty of nature reveals things that enrich our lives. In this way, fleeting moments often become unique experiences that touch us at our core.

Closer Special Design, RF, Close-up of a snail on a spiral tendril, Indonesia



SWAROVSKI OPTIK seeks to spark a love of nature in as many people as possible and encourage them to treat it with the care and respect required of a guest. This is our mission, our raison d’être. Every day, we do our best to ensure that our high-precision, long-range optical instruments help people to focus on the beauty of nature and the need to preserve it. We want them to be endlessly captivated by it and fall in love with it again and again.

Alongside certain functional aspects, SWAROVSKI OPTIK products are clearly designed with beauty in mind. We focus on the essentials by giving them perfect proportions and a truly distinctive look. We follow this design approach in all our products. Every design concept has to clearly bear our signature, stand out from the crowd, and always reflect our love of nature.

Purpose and vision
Closer Special Design, CL Companion
Closer Special Design, RF, Butterfly on blade of grass
ST Vista, Diavolezza
Closer Special Design, RM, Sunrise Rays On The Snowcapped Peak Of Annapurna South From Tadapani Nepal
Closer Special Design, RF, istockphoto, Luxury Island Home With Infinity Pool At Dusk.
Closer Special Design, CL Companion
Closer Special Design, RM, Portrait of Gems (Oryx gazelle) in namibia dessert, Namibia, Namibian desert, Sossusvlei


We give ourselves the freedom to take a whole new approach to long-range optics, to make the impossible possible, and push the boundaries of physics. We are driven by one question: How can we make our products even better, more ergonomic, easier to use, and more sustainable? The aim is to find the perfect balance between outstanding optics, unique functions, and superb ergonomics. We then combine this with a distinctive appearance and color scheme. In this context, “design” is not only about making our products more beautiful, but also about rethinking them in their entirety

K21 CL Curio Marc Newson 310 CMYK



This was the principle behind some of our previous ground-breaking products, such as the wrap-around grip on the EL binoculars, the modular design of the ATX, STX, and BTX spotting scopes, the totally new shape of the NL Pure binoculars, and the clean, timeless design of the CL Curio. Our SWAROVISION technology and field flattener lenses have redefined the concept of optical quality. As quality leaders driven by innovation, at SWAROVSKI OPTIK we believe we have a duty to constantly improve what is good, to surprise people, and to exceed their expectations – with precision, innovation, and a comprehensive service package.

Closer Special Design, RF, USA, Arizona, Antelope Canyon, Close-up of red rock formation ID: 1632194
Closer Special Design, RF, Beautiful abstract macro of a drop of water or dew on a bird feather. Orange feather on a blue bokeh background. Selective focus ID: 1632190
CL Curio Kronplatz, Südtirol, Italien Dolomiten - ID: 1617225


Every SWAROVSKI OPTIK product is a promise of quality, intrinsic value, and functional yet beautiful design. And there is a story behind every product. Tales about how you can put the whole world in your pocket with the CL Pocket, about the curiosity stimulated by the CL Curio, the elegance of the CL Companion NOMAD, the freedom to experience more provided by the CL Companion, the beauty of the ATX Interior, the intense experiences delivered by the NL Pure, and the vision of both the company and the ST Vista.

Let us inspire you: SWAROVSKI OPTIK brings people closer to the preciousness of the moment and shares with them the joy of observing and the fascination for the beautiful and hidden.
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K21 CL Curio Marc Newson 034 CMYKMarc Newson talks about the CL Curio Interview with the designer Reading time: 4 min.