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Jonathan Meyrav & Yoav Perlman trying the NL Pure 12x42

Among experts

Among experts: Jonathan Meyrav und Yoav Perlman trying the brand-new NL Pure 12x42 - main image

Jonathan Meyrav, Director of tourism and international events at Birdlife Israel, and Yoav Perlman, ornithologist and photographer, are two real experts when it comes to birding. That is why we asked them to test our new NL Pure 12x42. Let’s find out, what they think about our latest innovation after taking it out into the field in Israel.

When I looked through them for the first time it was a true WOW moment. Jonathan Meyrav
Yoav Perlman NL Pure 12x42 ATX Israel

to date

The largest field of view

Birding in Israel often means scanning vast barren areas, such as deserts. That is when the NL Pure’s wide field of view makes a real difference for Jonathan and Yoav. Plus: a larger field of view provides more light when birding at dusk.

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I was highly impressed how much light the NL Pure 12x42 gathers, how wide the field of view is and how sharp the image is all the way to the edges. Yoav Perlman
2020 onewithnature NL Pure story04 JuY IG B 03 - NL Pure 12x42 on stone, grass

One with you

A revolutionary shape

The experts agree: the ergonomic shape and the balanced weight distribution make a real difference when observing for longer periods.

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#onewithnature moments

The NL Pure provides unprecedented nature experiences and real #onewithnature moments. Jonathan describes the clarity and the field of view as „unparalleled.“ He felt like nature was truly „sinking in“. Yoav experienced his #onewithnature moment when watching Nubian Nightjars in a quiet, moonlit night. He was surprised how much light the NL Pure could gather even at night.

2020 onewithnature NL Pure story04 JuY IG C 03 - Jonathan Meyrav, NL Pure 12x42, ATX, Israel


Jonathan Meyrav

Jonathan Meyrav is Director of tourism and international events at Birdlife Israel and leads birding tours all over the country. He spends most of his time outdoors in nature for his job, but also for recreation. Nature – and especially birds – humble him and keep him focused on the important things in life. Besides birding, hiking, and fishing, he also likes basketball. Jonathan started birding when he was 11 years old. For many years, he has been using the EL 10x42 and an ATX 85 spotting scope and now also owns the NL Pure 12x42, which he describes as “the best piece of equipment I have ever used”.

2020 onewithnature NL Pure story04 JuY IG A 03 - Yoav Perlman, NL Pure 12x42, ATX


Yoav Perlman

Yoav Perlman is an ornithologist and wildlife photographer from Israel. He has been out in nature since his early childhood. It is where he feels “most relaxed”. For birding, he uses an ATX 85 spotting scope - “it perfectly combines ultimate quality with reasonable size and weight” - and an EL 10x42. He relies on SWAROVSKI OPTIK for its high quality products and exceptional service. Since Yoav received the new NL Pure, he has been using them for birding every day.

NL Pure - One with nature
Swarovski Optik NL Pure 10x42 side