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Driven to hunting

Two young huntresses talk about their motives

Eva and Mina, Tannheim

Hunting can be a controversial issue. Some call it a passion, while others might be irritated by the very idea of hunting. However, is there more to hunting than meets the eye?

We had the pleasure to meet two young huntresses, Eva Erlacher and Mina von Mengden, and find out why they are driven to hunting. Some of their motivations are mentioned here:

Respect & care for nature – Let’s take responsibility

Respect for nature and its beauty is at the heart of hunting. Whenever hunting is exercised responsibly in a sustainable, considerate, and lawful way, it contributes to a harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature.

Treating all living creatures with respect is a matter that is very dear to Eva Erlacher’s and Mina von Mengden’s hearts . They are convinced that by keeping the game population in balance hunters are crucial to maintain natural habitats.

I practice hunting with pride and reason.Eva
For me, taking care of the game means being there for them when they need us most.Mina
By taking responsibility and treating nature with care and respect, both huntresses serve as ambassadors and role models to the next generation of hunting enthusiasts.
Eva and Mina, Tannheim

Curiosity & the desire to understand

However, Eva and Mina are not just leading by example, but are also actively sharing their knowledge. At university, Eva’s law students get a glimpse of what sustainable, responsible, and lawful hunting looks like in her lessons. Mina’s kindergarteners, on the other hand, love to listen to her tales.

Both inspiring women have learnt a lot about the habitats in their homeland thanks to their hunting training. They love to be curious and explore even more precious details in the meadows, forests, and mountainsides of their hunting grounds.

It is so rewarding to me to be able to identify the flora and fauna around me.Eva
I want to show the world how diverse and wonderful hunting can be and that hunting can become a part of your everyday life.Mina

Mindfulness, recreation & health

Becoming more mindful and aware of your surroundings is another benefit most hunting enthusiasts experience. One needs heightened senses for respectful observation and concentrated listening in the field.

Spending time outdoors, experiencing the moment, and being present in the now is a source of recreation for human beings. Studies have shown that going outside and just breathing in the mossy fragrance of the forest is beneficial to your physical and mental health.

Furthermore, hunting provides local, healthy food harvested sustainably and – ideally – with minimum transportation involved. Providing your own meat for yourself and your dear ones is satisfying and rewarding. Eva and Mina both very much enjoy sharing tasty venison with their friends and family.

Nature is something very special, in my eyes. A fact that many people in our society are overlooking.Mina
Eva and Mina telecsopeEva and Mina, Tannheim

Joint adventure

Speaking of friends and family – many hunters deeply appreciate the social aspect of hunting. Eva and Mina love to share the experience with their dear ones through jointly hunting, preparing the meat, cooking the meal and enjoying the gifts of nature together.

Being part of a worldwide community of passionate hunters strengthens one’s sense of belonging. By practicing your trait in a responsible way, you will earn the respect and recognition of your peers

I love to cook game. It is almost the only kind of meat I prepare in my kitchen. While enjoying it together, the memories of your hunting experience come to life again.Eva

The described motives are – of course – not exhaustive, as there are more motivations to dive into the passion of hunting. After all, the reason why people are fascinated by this way of life are as manifold as there are hunters out there.

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