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K21 CL Curio DSC6009 CMYKK21 CL Curio DSC6009 CMYKK21 CL Curio DSC6009 CMYK

CL Curio

Expect the unexpected

The CL Curio are the lightest and most compact binoculars in their product range, designed by award-winning designer Marc Newson – Expect the unexpected.
K21 CL Curio DSC5559 CMYK
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K21 CL Curio 03 RGB orange
1.COMPACT.SWAROVSKI OPTIK sets new standards with the lightest and most compact binoculars in its product range. The CL Curio is small, easy to handle, foldable, and ready to be used anywhere, any time – it’s got it all.
2.POWERFUL.Because optical quality matters. Intuitive operation meets viewing comfort, making the relaxed observation of nature a sheer pleasure.
3.BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED.Designed by award winning Marc Newson, the CL Curio boasts inimitable styling that’s timeless, elegant, and simple. This is a pair of binoculars that will bring you much closer to the beauty of nature.
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Something might look simple at first glance or seem to work very easily, but incredible things can be hidden beneath the surface. Expect the unexpected – both in nature and when you hold the CL Curio in your hands for the first time. With these binoculars, we have worked with Marc Newson on the art of translating exceptional optics into a compact and timeless design. Considered one of the most influential designers of his generation, Marc Newson tells us about this truly remarkable collaboration.

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