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Built on Courage - Giving innovation time and space.

We understand what our customers need and endeavor to win their loyalty. The spirit of innovation and close relations with our customers, as well as our knowledge of their wishes and requirements ensure that we constantly update our product range. At SWAROVSKI OPTIK the courage the team shows in developing superior products matters.

Anyone wishing to offer innovative products must constantly go to the furthest possible limits, take new paths, and allow time for developments. We are driven by curiosity and the love of trying things out, in order to come up with new ideas, technologies, solutions to problems, and perspectives.

Our minds are always active, and we have the courage and wealth of ideas to devise the seemingly impossible. We are very much aware that our innovations are the fruit of creative people who boldly use the freedom they have with a spirit of discovery.

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Constantly improving what is good


We are leaders in terms of quality and innovation in the area of high-quality sport optics, and strengthen this aspiration further. We see it as our duty to improve what is good, constantly surprise our customers, and exceed their expectations. Our love for beautiful products, precise manufacture, attention to detail, and compliance with the highest standards in all the company’s activities are all features of our culture.

The hawk that appears on SWAROVSKI OPTIK products serves as a kind of quality mark for us, reminding us every day that only a masterpiece can bear this symbol. The notion of quality is given meticulous consideration at SWAROVSKI OPTIK and goes beyond purely technical aspects.

The whole package matters to us: outstanding optics, functionality, ergonomics, design, service – all of which must be perfectly harmonized. The actual value of a product is revealed in its daily use. If you like a product, use it often, and have enjoyed it for many years, then it is of lasting value. For most people, these are precisely the reasons why they choose SWAROVSKI OPTIK: because they know that it is an investment for life.

Quality and innovation
Treating each other with consideration - IT IS PEOPLE WHO ARE AT THE HEART OF OUR BUSINESS -


We value the commitment, knowledge, and creativity of our employees at our head office, as well as in our international offices. We can achieve success in our work if we all see some meaning in it and go happily about it. Our aim is to safeguard jobs in the long term. On the one hand, this is our corporate responsibility, while, on the other, it is a vital factor contributing to everyone’s happiness. We focus in particular on ensuring that everyone feels comfortable in their working environment. This is why we consider health to be a high priority. When working together, we are strong, diverse, and successful. We have a community spirit.

Social Responsibility


Our partners make a major contribution to our commercial success. We have established relations with numerous customers, suppliers, and business partners going back many years. The basis for successful cooperation is provided by attitudes and values that coincide, as well as by a shared perception of quality. We feel it is important that all our partners’ thoughts and actions are governed by sustainability.


As a responsible neighbor, our aim is to live in harmony with the local population around us. We support regional activities and encourage our staff to make an active contribution. The definite commitment to the company and production site in Tyrol is a source of strength to us and the region, and instills mutual trust.

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We deploy our company’s resources with great purpose and care. SWAROVSKI OPTIK is a family firm, with strong roots in Tyrol, an area of exceptional beauty, and considers it its duty to care for the environment, protect nature, and preserve the wealth of different species. The appreciation of nature is therefore an essential part of its company philosophy and is reflected commendably in its environment-friendly production, innovative energy management, and its long-term commitment to selected nature conservation projects.


We comply with the most stringent requirements and apply the highest standards in caring for the environment and promoting the efficient use of energy. We all have a duty of responsibility to nature. As a company engaged in production, which relies on nature’s resources, we focus on ensuring that the cycle is complete in terms of what we give and take.


Our aim is to help people to love nature and encourage them to treat it with care and respect as a guest. We make every effort in our daily work and as a company as a whole to live and operate according to this vision. Our aim is to get even more people to love nature and its beauty, thus helping them put nature conservation into practice in their everyday lives. After all, we believe that people are particularly committed to protecting and preserving what they love.


What we want is for people to discover the world’s beauty with the eyes of the hawk and be able to enjoy those precious moments. The pleasure of observing nature enriches our life and allows us to draw strength and inspiration from these ever so fleeting, yet unforgettable moments.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK is committed  to care for the environment, protect nature, and preserve biodiversity.
Our sustainable commitment to selected nature conservation projects.Nature and Species Conservation