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Birding travel reimagined

Maximize the experience, minimize the risk

Greater Roadrunner

There will be no getting back to normal. Just like 9/11 changed the travel landscape forever, COVID-19 and the measures required to keep diseases at bay while travelling are here to stay. We need to accept that and adapt to the new reality.

Four stages of transition

The cycle of renewal has four predictable stages of transition. Prior to March 2020, we were in the ‘Go for it’ phase which was fearless and joyful. Since then we have been in the ‘Doldrums’ where we are stuck, stressed and preoccupied. As we enter the ‘Cocooning’ phase, we engage in spiritual transformation where we are contemplative, healing as well as repurposed and we are preparing the final phase: ‘Getting ready’. In this last stage we are assessing risks and rewards in the new environment, accepting our strengths and vulnerabilities, regaining our desire for spontaneity, as well as trying new ways of being and doing things.

Getting ready for travel adventures

The Tropical Birding Tours – SWAROVSKI OPTIK Birding Vacations are ‘Getting ready’. Looking to embrace this brave new world by maximizing experience and minimizing risk. First off, we are actively discouraging high-risk people, or people with any close associations with high-risk groups from joining our trips. But if you are in neither of these categories, then spending a week or two with just six other people in a ‘socially distanced’ bubble in the wilderness is significantly less risky than many other mandated activities. Plus, it is simply soothing for the soul.

Keeping you safe

Our measures include custom tours and small groups of no more than six participants. You stay in small boutique hotels or villas, reducing the number of accommodation establishments and eat only at selected restaurants or enjoy delivered field lunches. Sanitizing and follow-up with all participants after tours complement our packages. Rest assured that we are complying with the Cleveland Clinic’s guidelines for adventure travel to keep you safe and sound.

Great Gray Owl
Photography: Tropical Birding

Low key travelling

We realize the myriad of ever-changing government regulations is not making this any easier even for adventurous travelers right now. Because of that we have developed a series of fantastic domestic tours in the USA and are looking at safe but low-bureaucracy options elsewhere. In fact, we have been running low key trips since July, gathering experience and know-how on how to embrace this new world.

Highlights included tracking down the magnificent flame faced Western Tanager in Washington State, chasing down quick and speedy Greater Roadrunners in Arizona , and quietly searching for the phantom of the north in the Yellowstone National Park. However, countries from Ecuador to South Africa are beginning to reopen, which is paramount. Many of their wilderness areas and the communities around them need tourism to survive. So we are ready to deliver a new-style of low-impact sustainable and safe travel experience around the world, bringing you closer to nature. Are you ready to join us?

For more info on the reimagined tours, see and more detailed information on the regulations and policy.

Pacific Wren

About our partner:

Tropical Birding Tours

is a birding and wildlife photography company that runs over 130 types of tours around the globe. Their trips range from relaxed beginning birder trips to very high intensity tours that try to maximise species seen. Tropical Birding also organizes photography workshops and tours to photograph birds and other animals all over the world.