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Views and insights

The island of Brač, Croatia

The island of Brač, Croatia

If you look closer, you experience the world around you more consciously and intensively. This is especially true on holiday. Whether by the sea or in the mountains - the right binoculars ensure unforgettable moments while travelling.

It's 06:30 a.m. On the Croatian island of Brač, a contemplative holiday day begins. We are sitting at the harbour of the small fishing village Supetar and watching the busy fishermen. While a few men from the village help a fishing boat to moor, we watch the other ships coming in from afar with our CL Companion binoculars. In front of the crystal clear sky, all details are pin sharp and we are right in the middle of the action.
In the only bar open so early in the morning, Ivana tells us stories about the island while we are enjoying a tasty breakfast. The local waitress tells us about the Bora, her favourite wind from the northwest, which clears the air and frees your thoughts. She also tells us about the Golden Horn, the sickle-shaped dream beach and probably Croatia's most popular tourist attraction.

The island of Brač, Croatia, boat!!! The island of Brač, Croatia, binoculars

Perfect views from the summit into the valley

Photographer Felix, Alex, and I set off for Vidova Gora, the highest point of the Adriatic island. The lookout mountain rises 778 meters into the air. From the inviting little town of Bol, we start our hike up to the summit. The CL Companion is ideal on tours like this one - light, handy, and yet "grand" in terms of its optical performance.

You can see as far as Italy. However, especially the Golden Horn, almost 800 meters below us, catches our eye. We enjoy the view and savour every detail up close. Through our binoculars, we can count almost every single golden grain of sand. We take a look at the mountains and coastline of the opposite island of Hvar and our eyes linger on the turquoise water. The view continues to wander up the slopes over the olive groves and rests on the chewing sheep, relaxing in the sun. 

On the descent into the valley, where we will meet Milan - a local hiking guide - in the evening, a starry night accompanies us. The likeable Croatian will take us to his favourite restaurant in the centre of Bol, the small Konoba Dalamtino, for a glass of wine.

Wonderful views from the top of Vidova Gora.
The island of Brač, Croatia

Wonderful moments at the Golden Horn

The next morning we have another appointment with Milan at 8 a.m. He wants to show us the area around his home village Bol on the central plateau of the island. We are impressed by the view of the mainland and the rock formations of the Biokovo mountains there. We take the CL Companion to admire the massive mountain range and the clouds towering above it.

A short while later, we are sitting on the deserted beach of the Golden Horn and looking into an overwhelming sunset. The sky above us is turning blazing red, a fisherman calmly spreading out his nets, and the beer tastes slightly salty - another priceless moment on this trip.

Lasting memories thanks to digiscoping

The following day, we embark on our journey home. Before departing to Supetar, we meet Toma, who runs a small market above the fishing port of Bol. While walking there, we notice several beautiful turquoise shimmering sea creatures in the harbour’s waters. To capture them on photo, we grab our binoculars and combine them with our smartphone adapter. The fast swimmers do not make it easy for us, but after a few tries we manage to press the button at the right moment. The result is a beautiful photo, which will bring us joy for a long time and remind us of the wonderful time we had in Croatia.


!!! Bärkopf Team, Brac

About the authors:


In the eyes of the two Bärkopf founders, Stephan Leiter and Alex Brunner, it is the unplanned experiences and encounters that turn a trip into a unique holiday experience. The basis of their carefully designed Bärkopf holiday weeks are diverse routes, delicious food in typical taverns, and good organisation. For the two Tyroleans, the focus is on experiencing and savouring moments.

pictures copyright: Bärkopf GmbH

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