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Trips that cover both passions

Attention birding enthusiasts & wildlife watchers

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What to do when one of you is into birding and the other is not? Can you still travel together? andBeyond and we at SWAROVSKI OPTIK say: YES!
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Birders & non-birders welcome!

In cooperation with the conservation-led luxury travel company andBeyond, we have created trips designed specifically to excite birding fanatics while also offering an outstanding travel experience for their non-birding companions.

5 spectacular destinations on 3 continents

When putting together these travel experiences, we had those couples in mind where one is an avid birdwatcher and the other is not. Explore some of the world’s best birding hotspots and scenic destinations. Specialized birding guides will provide keen birdwatchers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, while non-birders are kept busy with a variety of experiences that immerse them in local culture, spectacular wildlife, and unforgettable natural wonders.

Read more about the idea behind the trips in our interactive brochure.

“Lots of people who are very passionate about birding have partners who might not share that passion to the same extent. As it is our mission to inspire as many people as possible to love and care for nature, we are delighted that these trips will bring nature enthusiasts of all levels closer to its beauty." Dale Forbes, Head of Strategic Business Development

andBeyond’s 30-year anniversary celebrations

The program was launched as part of andBeyond’s 30-year anniversary celebrations. Departures are scheduled for 2022 or 2023 with group sizes of 10 to 12 people each. You’ll be accompanied by specialist birding guides. Listen how the idea behind these special trips came up and what other activities are planned around this anniversary,

Test SWAROVSKI OPTIK products for free

There is no better way than to experience the joy of getting closer to nature than to take your binoculars out in the field. On all Beyond Average Birding trips, you can trial one of our binoculars. Choose from three different models ideal for travelling:

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The model you choose will be sent to your home prior to departure, giving you enough time to get acquainted with your new piece of premium equipment. See for yourself whether you enjoy having a pair of binoculars with you on the trip. Plus, you can even purchase the device on your return if you wish to keep it. A special edition Guides’ Journal created by andBeyond and featuring destination information, maps and wildlife illustrations will also arrive before the journey, allowing plenty of time for the anticipation to build ahead of the trip.

Beyond Average Birding 02-11 MARCH 2023Bhutan

Set off in the remote Himalaya to discover a wealth of bird species and a rich cultural heritage.

SWAROVSI OPTIK is operating worldwide
andBeyond - Cape Sugarbird © by Daryl Dell

Podcast: andBeyond Fireside chats


andBeyond CMO Nicole Robinson and Dale Forbes, Head of Strategic Business Development at SWAROVSKI OPTIK, talk about the shared values that brought together two seemingly unrelated brands. Find out how the two worked to develop the recently launched limited edition birding itineraries and how these extraordinary expeditions combine some of the world’s best known birding destinations with exceptional travel experiences that will appeal not only birding fanatics but to their travel enthusiast partners too.

Listen to andBeyond's Podcasts on:

image Cape Sugarbird © by Daryl Dell




andBeyond designs personalized high-end tours in 13 countries in Africa, five in Asia and four in South America, offering discerning travelers a rare and exclusive experience of the world as it should be. They own and operate 29 extraordinary lodges and camps in iconic safari, scenic and island destinations in Africa and South America. This enables them to positively impact more than 9 million acres of wildlife land and 3 000 kilometers of coastline. Established in 1991, andBeyond strives to leave our world a better place than they found it through their care of the land, wildlife and people, and the delivery of extraordinary guest experiences.

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