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Fox in the field by Giuliano ScarparoFox in the field by Giuliano ScarparoFox in the field by Giuliano Scarparo

Binoculars and wildlife photography

A perfect match

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Photography over time has become a healthy addiction for me. Since I was a child, I have always loved nature and animals. I started taking pictures while observing and admiring the underwater world, watching and photographing sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins and other sea creatures until the day I decided to get out of the water and explore the wildlife on land.

Squirrel climbing up a tree by Giuliano Scarparo

Observing animals

in their natural habitat

Ninety percent of my weekends and free time is devoted to nature photography. But in the city center where I lived, nature is very scarce due to the high presence of people. Thus, I felt the need to move a few miles away from the city to have the opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat.

Sometimes, we don't realize that animals reside in unimaginable places, much closer to us than we think.
!!!Fox in the middle field by Giuliano Scarparo
!!!Deer standing in the field by Giuliano Scarparo
!!!Eurasian Kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) by Giuliano Scarparo

In the course of time, I have been able to make experiences that have changed my way of approaching nature and photography. Observing and studying each individual animal helps us to understand its behavior and thus to identify those little moments of distraction that allow you to capture some shots. But deep knowledge about the animals and their behavior is also essential in order to not disturb them and to respect their habits and their habitats. Therefore, it is not enough to have your camera with you, but also something that is handier and allows you to see much further than with your naked eye: a pair of binoculars.

The use of high-quality binoculars is essential and has changed my life as a photographer.
Deer close-up by Giuliano Scarparo

In my backpack I always find space for a pair of binoculars. I never thought that the quality of an optical device would make any difference, until I had the opportunity to try SWAROVSKI OPTIKs CL Companion

The use of high-quality long-range optics is essential and has changed my life as a photographer. Why? Because the primary mission for a photographer is the observation of nature and animals, and here, the quality of a binocular makes a big difference:

  • A high-quality pair of binoculars allows you to observe nature even in low light, you are almost able to see in the dark. This is crucial as dusk and dawn are best for observing wildlife.

  • Another important aspect is the incredible image quality and detail. It allows you to observe a deer as if it was just a few meters away, with all the wonderful details.

  • And a rugged product with a resistant protective housing can be used perfectly in difficult conditions such as bad weather, rain or low temperatures.

As a photographer, you spend hours and hours under a tree, motionless and almost without breathing.
Deer standing in the field by Giuliano Scarparo

When you try to observe an animal in the wild, it often feels your presence much earlier than you would imagine. You therefore spend hours and hours under a tree, motionless and almost without breathing, in the rain, in uncomfortable positions. But you feel an incredible satisfaction when you look through your binoculars after you perceived a fleeting shadow.

You turn the focusing wheel and are now able to observe an animal up close, feeling right in the middle of the action. All this is wonderful.
Portrait Giuliano IT


Giuliano Scarparo

Born in Padua in 1991, Giuliano has loved photography since he was a child. Over the last few years, he has specialized in nature photography. His photos have been published in various magazines, including Digital Camera, Foto Cult and Outdoor Photography, which featured him on the cover.

"My goal has always been to capture unique and unforgettable moments. In wildlife, I always find situations that catch my attention, may it be a look or a striking movement. Wildlife photography always manages to convey unique emotions, which remain imprinted in my mind. That is what I try to communicate in my shots.”

Instagram: @giulianoscarparoph

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