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Diego Calderón-Franco - CL PocketDiego Calderón-Franco - CL PocketDiego Calderón-Franco - CL Pocket

Birdwatching with the CL Pocket?

Diego Calderón-Franco’s experiences

Recently I spent a few days birding in Chicago. I decided to take my new CL Pockets with me and I have to say that I no longer consider them as my backups! I enjoyed birding with the CL Pocket in the urban parks very much. I was commuting by bicycle and bus or just walking around without even feeling that I was carrying binoculars. I have to say that the optical quality of these tiny optics is unbelievable:

full details and loads of light in this amazingly comfy gear that disappears in the palm of my hands.


Experiencing, that the depth of view allowed me to switch from the birds that were close by to the ones farther away without even having to move the focusing wheel...


Check the Norhern Flickers incredible call, it sounds very unique!
A close-up of young Northern Flicker bird perched on a tree branch in Alberta, Canada, ID : 1576014
CL Pocket Upgrade lead
Diego Calderón-Franco with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK CL Pocket binoculars

In the future, I will not only bring the CL Pocket as my backups on every tour, but I will also use them as my main binoculars on ever more occasions.

Diego Calderón-Franco - Fotografía Federico Ríos Escobar @historiassencillas


Diego Calderón-Franco:

Diego Calderón-Franco is a Colombian biologist that has been birdwatching for more than 20 years. He was the protagonist of the documentaries “The Birders” and “Birdwatching with FARC”, is responsible for discovering several new species of birds in his home, Colombia, and loves digiscoping. Besides guiding tours all over Latin America, Diego spends his free time going on expeditions to explore unchartered corners of Colombia or sharing his talk “Pajariando con FARC” that invites to reconcile to build a new post-conflict Colombia. He is also having a lot of fun filming a new YouTube series with his friends: “The Birders Show”.

Instagram: @diegoCOLbirding

Website: @TheBirdersShow

© Image by Federico Ríos Escobar
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