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Red fox cub in the field Washington State by Ben KnootRed fox cub in the field Washington State by Ben KnootRed fox cub in the field Washington State by Ben Knoot

Discovering wildlife with Ben Knoot in Washington State

The wild is close

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Evergreen trees, clear rivers and vast meadows – Washington State is known for its lush and rich nature. Wildlife photographer and birding guide Ben Knoot is lucky enough to call this evergreen country his home. Let’s take a stroll through some of his discoveries.

Old Growth Cascade Washington by Ben Knoot

The evergreen state

Washington State

is famously known as the evergreen state – and for good reason. During winter, fall, and early spring, the days are short, cold and wet, giving the state its iconic look and reputation.

As the days grow longer and warmer and rains begin to cease, visitors to this state are treated to much better weather, beautiful views and a vast array of wildlife. Covered in lush forest, breathtaking deserts, stunning cascades, shining alpine lakes and vast meadows there is little this state does not offer for nature lovers and explorers.

On land, you discover a great variety of wildlife, even though you only find two or three different habitats.

For less tourists: go offshore

One of the few places less traveled in Washington are the secluded offshore islands.

The Orcas Islands, for example, consist of more than a dozen islands. However, only few of them are habituated and even fewer are accessible for exploration without the use of a private boat.

whale, orca,killer whale jumping

Maritime beauty

Besides the small coastal town vibes that you can experience there, the islands offer some incredible wildlife viewing points both on lands and on sea.

The Puget Sound at Seattle, for example, is rich in aquatic life. Visitors can engage in whale-watching, fishing or general water activities.

Home to birds

On land, you discover a great variety of wildlife, even though you only find two or three different habitats. However, Western Red Cedars, Big Leaf Maples and Sitka Spruce, give home to a vast array of bird species like owls, thrushes, warblers, and other songbirds.

Home to red foxes

Here, red foxes, an introduced species, build their burrows and raise their offspring every spring.

Every so often, the forest breaks, giving way to grassland and open meadows.
Red fox by Ben KnootRed fox by Ben Knoot

The parents work hard to feed their young and protect them from bald eagles.

Red fox hunted a European rabbit by Ben Knoot

The European rabbit,

also an introduced species,

is the main food source for the foxes. They are quick runners and make the foxes work hard for their daily meals.

While their parents are at work, the young are out playing and exploring their world.

Young red foxes playing by Ben KnootYoung red foxes playing by Ben Knoot
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