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One with nature: the Iceland Hunters stalking with the NL Pure - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL Pure in the hands of Alma from hunting_icelandOne with nature: the Iceland Hunters stalking with the NL Pure - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL Pure in the hands of Alma from hunting_icelandOne with nature: the Iceland Hunters stalking with the NL Pure - SWAROVSKI OPTIK NL Pure in the hands of Alma from hunting_iceland

Progress and Innovation

Precision and quality is the DNA of the company

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Built on courage

Progress through precision and technology is a philosophy ingrained in the Swarovski family’s genetic code, and their companies have remained true to this day to this shared principle and the values of the founders. After the legendary Habicht, SWAROVSKI OPTIK introduced its first rifle scope in 1959, its initial extendable spotting scope in 1967, and in 1971, the world’s first rubber-armored binocular. In 1976, another worldwide premiere saw the launch of a rifle scope equipped with a proprietary shock absorber for preventing recoil injuries to the eye. In 1994 SWAROVSKI OPTIK introduced the first spotting scope

Advertising brochure for the Habicht binocular 1950-1954
Productfolder Habicht binocular ca.1968-1972
Habicht 7x42 Transparent

Optical and mechanical perfection

The launch of the EL binoculars in 1999 marked the company’s international breakthrough. As the first pair of binoculars worldwide to feature a wrap-around grip, they were a true innovation in the field of bird and wildlife observation. In 2011, the EL Range was added to complete the EL family. Featuring an integrated laser range-finder, these binoculars form part of every ambitious hunter’s standard equipment today. In 2007, SWAROVSKI OPTIK introduced another global innovation, the Z6 line of rifle scopes, the first in the world to feature 6x magnification. The ATX/STX, launched in 2012, was the first modular telescope on the market. In 2016, the Z8i raised the bar in terms of optical and mechanical perfection. Two innovations were presented in 2017: the dS, the world’s first smart rifle scope, and the BTX, the first binocular spotting scope.

K16 BTX seitlich
Z8i 1,7-13,3x42P Lead ID 861698
EL42 Green Transparent

The Future is analog and digital

In 2018, these innovations were followed by the indoor telescope ATX Interior and the ST Vista, an outdoor telescope. The latter makes it possible for everyone to enjoy exceptional views from beautiful vantage points without having to resort to coin-operated telescopes.

In 2020, SWAROVSKI OPTIK once again proved that the company is the global market leader in high-quality long-range optics. With the dG the company opened a new chapter in observing - the future of animal identification. The smart binocular is the first long-range optical device to allow you to identify and document your sightings and share them with other people. And in the analog segment, the NL Pure binocular takes wildlife viewing to the next level with a huge, revolutionary field of view combined with a groundbreaking design.

The following year, 2021, SWAROVSKI OPTIK introduces its EL Range with Tracking Assistant. This pair of binoculars does not only combine digital and analog product features, but comes with an innovative tracking assistant.

The dS rifle scope – launched in the same year – also relies on digital intelligence to analyse and display all relevant hunting data. And last but not least, 2021 is the year when SWAROVSKI OPTIK enters the market of thermal imaging technologies with its tM 35, an observation and clip on device in one.

SWAROVSKI OPTIK products have received more than 30 national and international awards recognizing their innovative technology, precision, quality, look, and design.

Our profession is outdoor- Swarovski Optik NL Pure 10x42 dG  diagonally front ID 1284531
ATX Interior horizontal front ID 1088068The ST Vista outdoor spotting scope provides breathtaking viewpoints.