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Nature Explorers

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Welcome to our world!


Are you fascinated by the natural world and wildlife?

Then, like us and many other nature enthusiasts, observing wildlife not just amazes you but also helps you satiate your curiosity and deepen your appreciation of nature. There are many ways to experience nature. And there is a variety of equipment that actively supports us in making the most of our time outdoors. Observing wildlife can be easy but also more challenging with greater distances. When using premium sport optics, you are opening a window into another world – the unseen, hidden, and beautiful.

Become a Nature Explorer! Get access to one of 50 binoculars for your nature experiences and share your new discoveries with your followers on social media!

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A global trend

closer to nature

During the last decade we can see that interest in nature as a source of inspiration and wellbeing has increased in most countries. This development was probably intensified by the global pandemic. There is more media coverage, and more people are rediscovering the outdoors while at the same time being fascinated by nature's beauty. Many of us are increasingly concerned about protecting biodiversity and safeguarding precious habitats. We nature enthusiasts often share our interest in nature and like to engage in different kind of activities. Besides wildlife watching, we enjoy nature while travelling, camping, hiking, through nature photography, art, and education and many other pastimes.

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SWAROVSKI OPTIK brings you closer to nature

How we think

Our company has been producing long-range optical devices since 1949. We bring people closer to the preciousness of the moment and share with them the joy of observing and the fascination for the beautiful and hidden. We believe that the world belongs to those who can see beauty. Let us invite you to open the window to an amazing new world. Are you ready to join us on this journey of intense nature experiences?

What’s in it for you?

Pair of CL binoculars (on a loan basis, up to one year): The CL binoculars are perfect for your time in nature: small size, light weight and premium optical quality.

Digiscoping adapter: Helps you taking pictures with your smartphone through your binoculars.

Small package of branded articles: Potentially serving you well on your outdoor adventures.

Stage for you: By collaborating with us, you can potentially reach out to a wider audience and help fostering that community spirit among nature enthusiasts around the world.

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Seize your chance if the following statements

apply to you:

  • I can identify with the SWAROVSKI OPTIK brand and call myself a “nature enthusiast”.

  • I am interested in being communicated to a global audience.

  • I am older than 25 years.

  • I show my passion for nature to my active fan base on social media.

  • I am not sponsored by more than 3 other brands.

If you can agree to the statements above, then this is what we would like you to do:

What we expect:

  • Tell and show people how our sport optics make your outdoor adventures more enjoyable and your nature experiences better.

  • Present exclusively SWAROVSKI OPTIK products in your media communication (texts, pictures, videos etc.) whenever you present equipment of the same product category (i.e. binoculars).

  • Tag SWAROVSKI OPTIK in your photo (and comment) with: @swarovskioptik_outdoor when using hashtags: #seetheunseen and #mywildlife or #urbanwildlife, whenever you show our products in your media communication.

  • You allow us to reshare the tagged posts on our social media.

  • You are willing to be a member of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Nature Explorers for up to one year.

Terms and Conditions
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How do we decide who will become part of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Nature Explorers?

Among all applications, our marketing team will select up to 50 candidates. The selection criteria are based on the above mentioned prerequisites and also take additional aspects into account: brand fit, authenticity, reach and others (for details see Terms and Conditions).

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How can I apply?


The application process started on February 14, 2021 and ended on April 14, 2021. We will inform you on whether you were selected to become a SWAROVSKI OPTIK Nature Explorer by May 16, 2021.