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Figures describing a success story

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Since 1949, SWAROVSKI OPTIK is inspiring people to take a closer look at the beauty surrounding them. We stand for visionary thinking, quality, courage, respect, and love of nature. Our mission is to reconnect everyone with their love of nature, so that they will feel the need to preserve and protect our precious planet with all its wonderful inhabitants.

In this video, Stefan Schreiner, Head of Manufacturing, illustrates

  • where SWAROVSKI OPTIK is producing,

  • how optic excellence can be achieved,

  • which steps are taken to secure the company’s future,

  • what kind of apprenticeships you can study, and

  • how much all employees are appreciated.

Find out how we are paying tribute to the SWAROVSKI OPTIK spirit motivating us to constantly improve what is good in our daily work.

Explore the story how SWAROVSKI OPTIK developed the BTX binocular spotting scope, a groundbreaking invention that revolutionized the industry.
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