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Birding at your doorstep

discover the birdlife close to you

Birding at your doorstep – discover the birdlife close to you - Buchfink by Leander Khil

Let’s explore the wildlife right at our doorstep.

We’ll be sharing some video clips featuring this great pastime. The mini-series will cover different topics:

  1. Your garden: a birding hotspot

  2. Birdsong: a free concert with special meaning

  3. Nest building: construction à la wildlife

  4. Young birds: from fledgling to adult

and so much more…

Here’s the first video teaching you how to get started with Garden Birding. But – careful – you might get hooked.

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Stay tuned at #gardenbirding to watch the entire series.

Or tune in via Facebook LIVE on our Swarovski Optik Birding channel to join birders across the globe birding live.

And remember:

“Every time you look at a bird, you will learn something new.” Leander Khil, ornithologist and passionate birdwatcher
Close up: European Winter Waterfowl - Part 2 - SWAROVSKI OPTIK 115-mm objective module Leander Khil


Leander Khil:

Leander works in many ornithological fields and has written a field guide of the birds of Austria ("Vögel Österreichs"). Accompanied by his EL 42 binoculars and BTX spotting scope, he goes birding at Lake Neusiedl – Seewinkel National Park several times a week.

For more information visit his Instagram @leanderkhil and Facebook accounts.