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5 scientifically proven benefits of birding

Why birding is good for us

Reading time: 10 min.

Did you know that almost a third of us struggle with mental health issues at some point in our lives? In today’s fast-paced digital world, it’s particularly important to have a hobby that helps with boosting our mental health. It’s fortunate that we, as part of “Generation Nature,” recognize and value the positive impact nature has on human well-being.

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When it comes to activities like ethical hunting, forest walks, or birdwatching, there’s no need to convince us of the benefits of immersing ourselves in nature amids our busy lives; we inherently understand its positive impact. Recent scientific studies have also shown that nature, with all of its flora and fauna, can support our mental health – with birds being particularly good for this.

Nature and the psyche: The effect nature has on us and our brains

In 2022, the Max Planck Institute found that “after a 60-minute walk in nature, activity in brain regions involved in stress processing, decreases.” Meaning our stress level drops. A year earlier, the same research team noted that “our brain structure and mood improve when we spend time outdoors.”

In light of the results of this study, it’s not surprising that more and more doctors are prescribing stressed patients a dose of nature as part of “green care”. In the UK, activities like health walks or gardening for health are already available as medical prescriptions. It’s interesting to note that flora and fauna have a positive effect on us as humans even—or especially—in urban habitats. And what’s even better: engaging in activities like birdwatching in nature provides additional mental health benefits.

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Benefits of nature

Why birds make us so happy

Have you ever heard of a Zwitscherbox? It’s a small box shaped like a house that plays the sound of birds chirping when someone walks past it. Originating in Germany in 2013, this product was both amusing and innovative. Initially designed to create a more calming atmosphere in medical facilities, it soon gained popularity and found its way into millions of homes worldwide.

Birders probably don’t need to be told why the product was such a hit. Sounds from nature, especially birdsong, intuitively soothe us. What many may not know is that there are evolutionary reasons for this. When our ancestors heard birds chirping, they knew that the coast was clear, and everything was safe. There’s no threat of a predator attacking, so we can relax. And it’s precisely this intuitive effect that the inventors of the Zwitscherbox use—successfully, as you can see.

Our experiences as birders coincide with this knowledge and they also coincide with the results of one of the first scientific studies that examined the positive effect birdlife has on human mental health. In 2022, the research team concluded that:

Kirtland’s Warbler, Ontario, Wisconsin and Michigan in spring and summer, bird, green

Why birds make us so happy

Positive effects birdlife has on human mental health

  1. Participants’ mental health improved significantly when they saw or heard birds.

  2. Birding was more beneficial for mental health when the subjects were outside.

  3. The positive effects were even seen during indoor experiments, leading to the assumption that birdwatching increased the benefits of nature.

  4. The positive effects continued for some time after birding.

  5. ­People diagnosed with depression also showed signs of positive effects.

So, when we engage in birding, we’re not just indulging in a hobby; we’re also nurturing our health and experiencing a myriad of positive effects, such as reducing stress, enhancing concentration, practicing mindfulness, and evoking emotions like joy and admiration. Add the beneficial effects of nature that surrounds us to this, and we have the perfect hobby for a generation that craves an effective way to balance out the hectic pace of our everyday lives like our “Generation Nature.”

Birding is more than just a short-lived trend

The birding trend has long since reached the younger generation and even Gen Z are getting involved. The digital natives are always on the lookout for new outdoor activities and can slow down particularly well when birdwatching. Birding is a way for them to relieve the stress that comes with our current fast-paced way of living.

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More and more celebrities are also embracing this relaxing hobby, including actor Ian Harding, who also wrote a book about birding. In an interview, Harding reminisced about one birding experience that brought him back to his childhood hobby.

I was suddenly aware of the world again in a different but oddly familiar way. Birds were outlined in silhouette out on the water. They were chirping overhead in the trees and in the bushes along the shore. I was paying attention to every sound.Ian Harding

His mind was devoid of negative thoughts or worries; the actor simply felt present in the moment, fully immersed in the here and now.

A feeling that we know all too well and enjoy so much again and again—and that celebrities also appreciate. Along with Ian Harding, stars like Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and Wes Anderson are said to be gifted birders, making them part of our Generation Nature.



A strong partner for over 30 years

So, birding isn’t just a passing trend - its’s a timeless pursuit. SWAROVSKI OPTIK recognized its significance as early as the 1990s. Understanding the needs of birding enthusiasts, our product development team sought to enhance the birdwatching experience. This led to the creation of innovative products such as the EL binoculars with wrap-around grip, the BTX spotting scope and the entire NL Pure range.

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Generation Nature

In today’s era, a significant portion of the birding community trusts SWAROVSKI OPTIK’s advanced remote optics for their precision. As we celebrate our 75th anniversary in 2024, we, the nature lovers – birders, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts- have united into a cohesive generation. Ours is a generation that inherently understands the intrinsic value of nature, recognizing that true happiness is found amidst the beauty of the great outdoors. We proudly identify ourselves as “Generation Nature”.

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